Supercomputer Frontiers Europe 2021

Exploring visionary trends and innovations in high performance computing and computational science

Supercomputer Frontiers Europe 2021 will be the seventh edition of the annual conference which was held in Singapore in 2015-2017 and subsequently in 2018-2020 in Warsaw, Poland.
The topics for SCFE21 will be: special architectures, storage class memory, hybrid cloud/HPC, smart systems, hybrid quantum computing and HPC, Omics and Systems Biology, convergence of HPC, AI and Big Data, Semantic and Graph methods and more…
The program will include special streams featuring selected achievements in India and Africa. We strive to give an open space for the HPC community to interact and discuss visionary ideas. No frontiers are needed when talking about science!
Supercomputing Frontiers Europe 2021 Details:
  • Conference: Monday, July 19 – Wednesday, July 21/
  • Workshops: Thursday, July 22 – Friday, July 23