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Webinar: Transforming Data Storage for Life Sciences Research

In this webinar, industry experts from the Institute for Cancer Research (ICR), DDN, and IBM discuss how to balance performance, scale, and cost-effectiveness across the data lifecycle in life sciences research. They’ll cover everything you need to know to create a successful research platform, how to overcome data bottlenecks, and accelerate end-to-end performance, from ingest to archive.

In the context of a leading cancer research institute working in close partnership with a world-leading cancer hospital, ICR will present an innovative approach to storing and managing research data through its life-cycle. A new 6.5PB service implemented to store active research data at the ICR, consisting of IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) and WOS layers, will be reported and reflections on its use given. During this webinar, they’ll cover everything you need to know to create a successful research platform:

  • Importance of data management in life sciences
  • Addressing challenges such as shared storage infrastructure
  • Consolidating applications
  • Projected data growth in life sciences

Featured Presenters


Jon Lockley
Head of Scientific Computing, Institute of Cancer Research


Paul Jeffreys
Digital Operations Programme Lead, The Institute of Cancer Research; Keble College Fellow, University of Oxford

Sponsor Presenters

George Vacek
Global Business Director, Life Sciences, DDN

Madhav Ponamgi
HPC Computational Scientist, IBM