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Our Commitment

We maintain high standards of sourcing and procurement in our supply chain and maintain ethical business practices. We practice responsible sourcing which means having “Conflict Free” minerals in our extended supply chain. We are committed to comply with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1502) on Conflict Minerals.

DDN Due Diligence

We have performed due diligence in obtaining information on Conflict Minerals from our suppliers and have leveraged the “CFSI Requirements and Templates” which is used globally by other organizations. We expect our suppliers to provide us with similar information about their supply chain. Our key requirements are provided below.

Key Requirements on Conflict Minerals

In reaching out for information on Conflict Minerals we have addressed some key requirements to obtain the pertinent information from our suppliers, which are:

  1. Does your company have a sourcing policy on conflict metals?
    • If yes, provide details of your conflict-free sourcing policy and implementation status
    • If no, do you commit to instituting one?
    • If so, when will it be fully implemented?
  2. Provide a list of all suppliers and your products which use or contain, as applicable, any of the Four Metals
  3. Have your suppliers verified the use of the Four Metals in their respective supply chains back to the smelters?
    • If yes, please provide the names of the smelters that are in your supply chain
  4. What steps are your suppliers taking to verify sourcing of the Four Metals in their supply chain is DRC-Conflict-Free?
  5. Is your organization performing due diligence as an going, proactive and reactive process in order to comply with domestic and international laws?

Conflict Minerals Information sources

Please visit our Downloads & References section for more information and documents