DDN practices lawful conduct, ethical rules and principles in conducting all business. We hold everyone responsible to adhere to and comply with standards.


Our Code of Conduct defines the minimum standards of business conduct and practices internally and externally. We have mirrored our Code of Conduct with that established by the EICC. We encourage our employees, suppliers and business partners to practice and follow this.


We believe maintaining culture of compliance is everyone’s responsibility. Our business practices include:

  1. Rules & Regulations
    1. Abide by all laws, regulations, and standards
    2. Respect and protect human rights
  2. Business Integrity
    1. Never accept or offer favors in hopes of receiving an unethical reward
    2. Never create a conflict of interests between the company and your personal interests
    3. Practice fair employment practices with transparent competition for positions
    4. Provide a work environment in which ethical conduct is recognized and valued
    5. Assist employees who raise concerns about ethics and legal compliance
    6. Set good example and encourage others to comply with the policies
  3. Health & Safety
    1. Emphasize safety and good health in the workplace to reduce accidents
    2. Have a disaster preparedness plan managed by the Crisis Management team
    3. Take good care of company property
    4. Act in the best interests of the company’s business
  4. Responsible Sourcing of Materials
    1. Practice responsible sourcing of goods and services
    2. Use environmentally friendly materials in our supply chain
    3. Ensure conflict minerals are not part of our supply chain
  5. Labor Relations
    1. Freely Chosen Employment
    2. Child Labor Avoidance
    3. Working hours
    4. Wages & Benefits
    5. Humane Treatment
    6. Non-Discrimination
    7. Freedom of Association
  6. Public disclosures
    1. Will make personal information available as required by law
    2. Disclosure of compliance, regulatory information, goals and performances

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