DDN is taking initiatives to develop processes, procedures, training documentation in order to adhere to the rules and standards set forth by regulations. Our collaborative effort across the enterprise has become a driving force in establishing best practices. DDN is committed to develop programs and systems which are aligned with industry standards and practices.


With the objective of best business practices, we have developed and implemented an Environmental Management System including policies and framework around the following.

  1. Company Commitment
    We are committed to meeting all industry compliance standards in our products, working conditions, social and environmental responsibilities and engage in a continuous improvement plan.
  2. Management accountability and responsibility
    We have dedicated resources and team who undertake specific roles and responsibilities which includes implementation, follow ups and managing the system and programs.
  3. Legal and customer requirements
    We abide by every applicable laws, regulations and provide efficient customer service to our business partners.
  4. Measure performance and Risk assessment
    Have established mechanism to measure the performance against established goals, identify risk areas, develop corrective action plans, implement controls, perform periodic assessment and ensure regulatory compliance.
  5. Training’s and Improvement Objectives
    Development of proper training’s to impart knowledge and education of subject matters to employees and suppliers. Obtain feedback and set improvement objectives to meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  6. Communication
    Ensure communication process is clear, has accurate information about policies, practices, training’s, guidelines and performance expectations to workers, supplier and customers.
  7. Documentation and Records
    Have a well established document development process and repository for document retention. The process also sets forth the company requirements around confidentiality and privacy protections.
  8. Public disclosure of results
    Publicly disclose results with the goals and other environmental systems.