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“DDN’s 40-gig connectivity provides a massive archive advantage as it means we’ll be able to move ever-increasing amounts of footage in and out of the system to meet our operational and business needs while ensuring the superior experience viewers count on us to provide.”

Tab Butler, Senior Director of Media and Post Production

As a producer of high definition Major League Baseball video content, MLB Network is recognized as a leader in sports video asset management. MLB Network captures and catalogues multi-petabytes of digital information each year and could have as much as 11 hours of content for every game—which quickly adds up to about 7,000 hours of new content each week. Instant access to that content is vital to their operation.

In 2015, the National Hockey League entered into a media rights partnership with MLB Advanced Media, and NHL Network’s operations were shifted to the same facilities as MLB Network in Secaucus, New Jersey. By 2016, the archive was growing by approximately 125,000 hours of new content per year, and as they continued to collect data, performance bottlenecks occurred within its tape storage archive.

The immediate challenge was moving LTO-4 content into a disk cache and then rewriting that content onto T10KD tapes, while simultaneously recording and archiving new footage onto the T10KD platform. To complicate the issue even further, they needed to ensure that post-production producers and editors had the fastest possible access to video content in their asset management system, encompassing as many as 15 games on any given day. Learn how MLB partnered with DDN to address these challenges with DDN’s MEDIAScaler® storage solution, which offers concurrent access to content while accelerating end-to-end digital content management in a single solution that can scale up to hundreds of petabytes.


  • Needed to accelerate access to vast baseball video archive
  • Required high-performance disk cache to support tape migration for archive while accommodating 7,000 hours of new content ingested weekly
  • Needed simplification of complex, concurrent workflows to ensure seamless support for up to 40 concurrent post-production jobs
  • Needed technology that could suit the needs of two sports TV networks


DDN’s MEDIAScaler Converged Media Storage


  • All-in-one, high-performance storage appliance enables faster access to content while allowing more footage to stream from more tape drives simultaneously
  • Multiple users work on concurrent workflows simultaneously without performance bottlenecks
  • Streamlined storage management enables keeping pace with ever-increasing post-production demands


  • Fast, efficient compilation of live and archived video from partial file-restored clips delivers extremely compelling game highlights
  • Highly reliable performance ensures post-production teams can access new and archived footage without delay or disruption
  • Scalable performance enables MLB Network to support its growing needs while incorporating NHL Network’s video archive requirements


  • MEDIAScaler’s 40-GigE connectivity offers unparalleled configuration capability while ensuring faster access to archived footage
  • DDN’s integrated MEDIAScaler parallel file system works seamlessly with DIVArchive and DIAMOND asset management system
  • Industry-leading density alleviates data center space constraints