Real-Time Deskew and Deconvolution for Improved Resolution of Microscopy Images

Microvolution Cover ImageLattice LightSheet™ microscopes and other high data rate instruments are revolutionizing biological research in areas such as neuroscience, developmental biology, cancer research and biomedical engineering. Storing and handling the large amounts of data generated by these instruments is often a concern for researchers looking to leverage the full potential of leading-edge imaging capture and analysis methods. We propose a technology platform that integrates a DDN® AI200® shared parallel storage appliance, a NVIDIA® DGX-1™ server and the Microvolution® advanced processing software to solve this challenge. The proposed solution enables and accelerates microscopy workflows for deconvolution and deskewing, and can deliver real-time image capture and processing capabilities with over 1,600-fold yield compared to traditional microscopy workflows.

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