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ICYMI: Watch presentation videos from the 2020 DDN EMEA User Group

DDN: Extracting Value from Data in the Age of AI and MultiCloud

In the rapidly changing landscape of HPC and AI, DDN brings fresh innovation with the stability you need. In this welcome address from DDN CEO and Co-Founder Alex Bouzari, he’ll discuss what to expect from DDN in the future and how you can stay in front of your challenges with the most reliable long-term partner in data-at-scale.

Zenuity: Surfing The Entire Data Tsunami

The emergence of autonomous vehicles as mainstream technology brings a swathe of unique opportunities and challenges commercially, legally, and technically. This session featuring Ben Watson from Zenuity provides some insight into the technical challenges observed in developing Advanced Driver Assistance features, some methods used to expose the differences in technology stacks during the evaluation and sourcing process, and steps taken to mitigate and remediate those challenges with a bespoke solutions architecture.

DDN: EXAScaler 2020–A Radical Step Forward for At-Scale Data

Organizations need to scale their data platforms without compromising on Enterprise Features. Data that is at the core of AI and HPC workflows also needs strong Data Protection, Cloud Portability and the ability to be processed at speed from an increasingly diverse application ecosystem. EXAScaler has been radically enhanced through 2019 and 2020 and we announce here the features in our upcoming major release, EXAScaler 5.2.

Intersect 360: HPC and AI Market Update

Addison Snell of Intersect360 Research will present an overview of the latest HPC market trends, including: the market effects (positive and negative) of COVID-19, adoption of heterogenous computing for machine learning, and a new user study rating the vendors across HPC.

NVIDIA: GPU Accelerated Computing is Not Only Computing

Presentation from the 2020 DDN EMEA User Group featuring Carlo Nardone of NVIDIA.

University of Oxford: Evolving from genetics computing to healthcare computing

While genetics data are generally not particularly sensitive from a governance perspective and have been traditionally processed on HPC and HTC clusters, healthcare data are far more diverse and sensitive and place huge restrictions on technology choices. Dr. Rober Esnouf of the University of Oxford will cover some of the challenges that they are facing and consider what platforms will help us meet the needs of healthcare research.