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Gartner Reprint


Both Tintri and DDN named in the latest Hype Cycle from Gartner

IT Convergence and Transformation are driving technology trends such as Containerization, AI and Multicloud with the promise of greater agility and faster innovation.

Taking full advantage requires a new approach to infrastructure with automation and insight to support at-scale workloads while alleviating demands on IT teams.

Gartner Reprint

“By 2025, the proportion of enterprise applications that are containerized will rise to 15%, up from 5% in 2020.”

We believe that there is a need for a new generation of IT infrastructure, which collaborates with IT teams in real time to optimize and deliver mission-critical applications.

Systems need to become increasingly intelligent and workload-aware; and they need to alert IT teams to trends in resources and services, with recommendations and remediation.

Gartner Reprint

Gartner Reprint

“Prepare for the evolution of applications and workloads by incorporating intelligence/ML infrastructure functions and persistent memory into your future system requirements.”

Download the Hype Cycle for Infrastructure Strategies, 2021 to learn about Gartner® analysis of emerging and maturing infrastructure technologies, including:

  • Intelligent Infrastructure, which uses AI/ML to monitor, adapt and act on dynamic workloads
  • Intelligent Platforms, which combine infrastructure composability with automated intelligence
  • Why both Tintri and DDN are named in the Hype Cycle for Infrastructure Strategies, 2021


Intelligent Infrastructure

DDN’s Enterprise Division, Tintri, provides solutions that combine autonomous operations with real-time insights and AI-driven analytics.

Workload Consolidation:

No-Silo, Flexible and, Single-System for physical and virtualized environments

Intelligent Infrastructure:

Automation and visibility for virtualized environments

More Visibility,
Accuracy and Control

Simplifying and Providing True Insight:


DDN is transforming the way customers are storing, managing and using their data for differentiation and discovery.

We simplify the complex and bring intelligence to challenging workflows. With a comprehensive portfolio, DDN powers the world’s data intensive workflows in all industries.

Unmatched performance and scale coupled with expertise gained through more than 20 years’ experience means we help customers store and access more data faster, on premises and in the cloud.

DDN’s scale-out, parallel architecture delivers the
performance we need to keep stride with the rapid
pace of science research and discovery at Harvard.
There is no contention for resources and no complaints
from our users, which empowers us to focus on the research.

~ Scott Yockel, PhD | Director of Research Computing

Harvard University



Harvard University

DDN delivered a 900% improvement in read capability
at a low cost while enabling us to access millions of small
files on dedicated solid-state modules while continuing
to stream very large data files simultaneously. Simple data
queries that used to take two minutes now take two seconds.​

~ Mike Shuey​ | Research Infrastructure Architecture​

Purdue University​​



Purdue University

“We’ll save hundreds of thousands of dollars by centralizing
storage on DDN for data-intensive research and a dozen
data-hungry scientific instruments. We can elevate the
standard of protection, increase compliance and push
the boundaries of science on a single yet highly scalable
storage platform. That’s why DDN is core to our operation
and a major asset to our scientists.​

~ Zachary Ramjan​ | Computing Architect

Van Andel Research Institute​



Van Andel Research Institute

With DDN’s expertise in AI storage, NAVER
will continue to lead AI research and develop
products that create value for our users.





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