Hybrid Solutions for Cost-optimized Scale

The Best Economic Value Without Sacrificing Performance


When Value is the Most Valuable Attribute

Your business can't run without your critical applications and data. As such, they require your fastest data management resources.

Archival data remains essential as well, especially in the context of AI applications and needs to be readily accessible. But your budget demands that the underlying infrastructure be affordable as well.

For these workloads, DDN leverages unique SSD/HDD hybrid technology to minimize complexity while delivering both performance and cost-effective capacity.

Intelligent & Automated Consolidation

DDN's EXAScaler Hybrid flash systems are designed to maximize the value of your investment by taking advantage of lower cost disk drive capacity. Run your data intensive LLM or generative AI workloads in flash and maintain cost controls for longer term archival capacity.

DDN's EXAScaler allows you to use your TLC-based appliance as a super-fast cache and high-density HDD storage to house less performance-critical data by automating data placement and intelligently anticipating your workload changes. End users can access data on either tier without any manual intervention, greatly simplifying data management.

Economical Accelerated Computing at Scale

DDN's EXAScaler parallel file system uniquely enables hybrid flash-based configurations, which are equipped to deliver cost-optimized balanced performance and the industry's best capacity per $


Massive Scale: 20PB in one rack

Major Performance: 90GB/s throughput per rack

Optimizing Any Workflow at Any Scale

Experienced IT leaders understand that choice is critical for technology and business efficiency and agility.

While EXAScaler Hybrid based file systems deliver superior economics, EXAScaler TLC and QLC all-flash systems can deliver maximum performance or a balanced mix of performance and capacity, respectively for AI and other critical workloads.

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