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Whether you’re building infrastructure for Everything-as-a-Service, a content delivery network (CDN), or for a global research community, DDN delivers the right building blocks for your multi-petabyte geo-distributed private or hybrid Cloud.

Today’s most successful organizations need Cloud solutions to sync, share, collaborate and deliver content.  Whether you are providing private or hybrid Cloud storage solutions or distributing content to 100s, 1000s or 1000000s of users, DDN is the foundation that enables secure, scalable and easy-to-deploy platform for your Cloud storage solutions.

Service Providers and organizations across e-commerce, media, universities, national labs, life sciences and more have already deployed a platform enabling them to deliver services like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS in the Cloud.

Storage is a critical component in your next generation Cloud infrastructure. DDN enables you to get your data into the cloud at any scale, cost effectively, and simply:

  • Seamless Cloud Scalability: With solutions from 10TB to 30PB on a single cluster and the ability to combine clusters to grow even further.
  • Private and Hybrid Cloud: Flexibility of a dynamic private Cloud and the ability to extend to a hybrid Cloud
  • Reduce datacenter space and power – Affordable, high-density, low-overhead storage capacity and unrivaled low energy consumption allows you to achieve more while substantially lowering TCO.
  • Better Security: DDN Cloud solutions provide end-to-end data security with secure management layer and encryption of all data in-flight*

Discover how DDN’s best in class solutions for Web, Cloud, Service Providers, and content delivery networks (CDN) are being deployed at Level 3, Bezeq and beyond for unprecedented performance and scale in your enterprise cloud storage initiatives and business models.




  • With DDN Cloud storage solutions, you can build a customized, secure and private Cloud infrastructure that enables faster time to service and reduces deployment time from weeks to days.
  • Customizable security options give you the ability to leverage layered and built-in security, while DDN’s industry leading scalability allow you to consolidate your infrastructure into fewer, more powerful systems for significant CapEx and OpEx benefits
  • DDN private and hybrid Cloud Storage solutions leverage years of real-world customer experience with extensive testing within DDN engineering labs. This result in a pretested optimized and validated configuration that significantly reduces timelines for initial deployment phases as well as the lengthy
    effort of integrating and testing a stable production-grade configuration.