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Our relentless focus for over a decade solving the toughest problems in computing and Big Data has made DDN the de facto choice for builders of leading-edge supercomputers. Proven and in production as the world’s fastest file storage systems, DDN powers over 2/3 of the Top 100 and delivers more bandwidth to the TOP500® than all other vendors combined.

Recognized as the thought and technology leader, our continuous & leading edge innovation enables the world’s supercomputing leaders to achieve the highest level of compute ROI and breakthrough performance boundaries to accelerate discovery.

The DDN HPC storage solution portfolio is highly enabling and strongly differentiated by delivering:

  • An Open & Fully Agnostic File System Platform: The freedom to choose among four world-class parallel file systems & object storage to meet the full range of HPC application requirements.
  • The Highest Performance File & Block Appliance: Just one award winning SFA12KX system delivers up to 48GB/s of bandwidth & up to 1.7 Million random IOPS. Scale to 1TB/s in only 21 systems.
  • The Best Power Saving and Volumetric Efficiency: 3X higher performance & 40% power savings, with up to 3.35 PB per rack, to significantly reduce TCO and scale-out costs.
  • The Broadest Set of Partnerships: DDN meets any customer demand by partnering and deploying systems with IBM®, HP®, Dell®, Cray®, SGI®, Bull®, Fujitsu® and many others (compute); Mellanox® and Cisco® (networking); Intel® Whamcloud and IBM® (file systems).
  • The Most Trusted System Architect Team: With more than a decade of experience and hundreds of successful large scale HPC storage solutions deployments, the DDN worldwide team of HPC storage and systems architects and engineers design and deliver HPC systems on time and under budget, and better than any other technology company.

Use Cases

  • World’s fastest file storage systems in production
  • Most production Petascale systems
  • More Top 100 systems than all others combined
  • More 100GB/s systems than all others combined
  • Partner of choice to HPC storage solutions systems providers
  • 800% Better Performance; Fastest In The World
  • 40%+ Better Data Center Density
  • 1 TB/s throughput in only 25 Systems
  • World’s broadest HPC storage solutions portfolio
  • HPCWire Awards 9 years running

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