DataDirect Networks Announces Industry’s First Federated Tiering Capability for Both DDN Lustre and GPFS Environments

WOS-Bridge Enables Seamless Cloud Tiering, Content Collaboration and Archive of Up to Hundreds of PBs of Parallel File System Data across Local & Remote Sites and the Cloud – All Within One Global Namespace

Int’l Supercomputing Conf (ISC) 2014, Leipzig, Germany — June 23, 2014

News Facts

  • DataDirect Networks (DDN), the innovation leader for HPC and Big Data, builds on the company’s strength in managing parallel file system data for some of the world’s largest deployments with the availability of the WOS-Bridge platform now for both DDN Lustre® and GPFS environments.
  • WOS-Bridge deployed in conjunction with DDN’s parallel file system appliances, EXAScaler™ and GRIDScaler™, enables users for the first time to seamlessly manage, distribute and retain all of their data across local and multiple data centers and the cloud within a single namespace. DDN’s unique new capability offers organizations a single view and access to both DDN Lustre and GPFS data, while delivering cloud benefits, including lower overall infrastructure cost, reduced management complexity, increased service levels and the ability to scale file systems to hundreds of PBs of capacity.
  • As data growth continues unabated putting significant strain on IT infrastructures and budgets, HPC organizations are striving for ways to extend the value of existing resources, collaborate and share data across campuses, and drive higher levels of performance. Adding to the challenge is the desire to ensure that data is kept on an appropriate storage tier so that it is readily available when needed, but stored cost-effectively for long-term use.
  • Unlike competitive solutions that are unable to integrate high performance clusters with remote data centers or the Cloud, WOS-Bridge addresses these concerns by unifying the cluster, collaboration sites and the Cloud in a fully federated storage solution. By expanding the capability to both DDN Lustre and GPFS environments, WOS-Bridge provides a simple, automated platform for leveraging the cost, collaboration and archive benefits of the Cloud without sacrificing the productivity of high-performance local storage.
  • Built to enable seamless integration between DDN’s highly scalable parallel file system appliances, GRIDScaler and EXAScaler, and DDN’s industry-leading full spectrum object storage solution, WOS®, WOS-Bridge consolidates array views of local and remote data to allow users to:
    • Tier workloads to appropriate resources, such as migrating less time sensitive data to lower cost live archive or Cloud storage;
    • Replicate critical data between high performance storage platforms and the cloud for advanced data protection and disaster recovery;
    • Access, distribute and share content across remote and geographically distributed sites for simplified collaboration without any tradeoffs in performance – all in a single solution with no extra third-party data migration software.
  • With a single view of all local and cloud data, as well as automated data movement, WOS-Bridge removes the limitations created by storage silos, file counts or storage tier. The resulting high performance object storage pool can scale uniformly to trillions of objects, dramatically shrink administrative overhead, and slash TCO, all while meeting extreme capacity and IO performance requirements.

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WOS-Bridge Delivers Industry Leading Scalability, Performance and Efficiency with Built-In Data Migration Software

  • The core of WOS-Bridge is a data migration engine that automates and manages data from a variety of storage platforms to a WOS storage cloud. WOS polices distribute data through a choice of replication or erasure coding to remote locations. Users accessing data in cloud storage or at remote collaboration sites can view, modify and update locally through WOS Access file gateways.
  • WOS Access is a natively integrated file system gateway to the WOS Cloud that provides a POSIX compliant NFS and CIFS access to the data. The file system gateway enables data access to users that do not have access to the EXAScaler or GRIDScaler cluster.
  • WOS Access enables multi-site collaboration, data protection, disaster recovery and lowest latency access by applications in multiple geographically distributed locations to support global workflows.

Supporting Quotes

  • Molly Rector, Chief Marketing Officer, DDN
    “Organizations are looking for solutions to enable faster time to business results. DDN solutions bring together the benefits of high performance, content collaboration and Cloud storage into a single solution. Providing quick access to data for business analysts, researchers and scientists around the globe is critical to a competitive business or research organization. Recognizing the value of tying our object storage capabilities with our high performance storage platforms, WOS-Bridge allows customers to achieve the performance benefits of a parallel file system for their HPC storage needs while also gaining the benefits of low cost archive storage, the ability to share data across geographies and the flexibility of cloud access – all in a single solution.”
  • For organizations like the Albert Einstein College of Medicine where the cost and complexity pressures of managing multiple infrastructures across remote sites can be overwhelming, DDN’s leadership-class WOS-Bridge provides a solution that addresses some of these concerns. According to Shailesh M. Shenoy, Director of Engineering and Operations for Einstein’s Integrated Imaging Program:
    “We are deploying DDN’s WOS object storage system as a corner stone technology that will meet the demands of our biomedical researchers and their collaborating partners. We are providing research teams with members who are on- or off-campus seamless access to their data sets and to hybrid on-premises and cloud-based scientific computing resources. DDN’s WOS-Bridge solution permits us to extend WOS into our high performance storage environment, by federating our data sets from across our research community and to achieve retention and data protection requirements.”


  • WOS-Bridge is available today and can be configured with DDN GRIDScaler based on the newly released GPFS 4.1. Configurations with DDN EXAScaler are expected in the next quarter.

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