DataDirect Networks Enters NAS Vendors Top 5 List; Growth in Terabytes Shipped Among Highest in Storage Industry

Revenue Growth 10 Times Storage Industry Average

CHATSWORTH, CA — (Marketwire – March 2, 2010) — DataDirect Networks, Inc. (DDN) the data infrastructure provider for the most extreme, content-intensive environments in the world, today announced that a recent report from leading industry analyst firm IDC [1] shows that for 2008 the company shipped over 43 petabytes of NAS products, a 613% increase from 2007. This positioned DDN in the Top 5 list of capacity shipped for NAS vendors, together with EMC, Netapp, IBM and HP. DDN’s NAS market share in capacity shipped has increased by 325% from 2007 to 2008, a significantly stronger increase than any other NAS vendor in IDC’s Top 20.

“I am excited to see our investments in NAS technology pay off with a tremendous growth in shipped capacity,” said Alex Bouzari, CEO and Co-founder, DDN. “I am also very excited to see us move up five places in the rankings, now listed as the 5th largest NAS vendor in the world in capacity shipped.”

The same report also shows that DDN has maintained an 84% growth in overall disk storage systems terabytes shipped, stronger than any other vendor in the Top 10, and higher overall rankings in several other key categories.

“We are committed to continue to deliver products that exceed our customer’s expectations and support future growth,” said Bouzari. “We had our best year ever in 2009, are currently in our eighth consecutive profitable year as a storage company, and are very excited to see our new products, such as the SFA10000 virtualized storage platform, and our WOS object-based cloud storage solution further expand our growth potential for 2010 and beyond.”

[1] Source: Worldwide Disk Storage Systems 2008 Vendor Shares: Year in Review, IDC #220229, Dec 2009