DataDirect Networks Launches New S3 Gateway to WOS Object Storage for Private or Hybrid Clouds

Building on nearly 400% increase in WOS Revenue Year-over-year, Introduction of New WOS S3 Interface Fuels Continued Expansion of DDN Partner Ecosystem and More Choice for Customers Looking to Seamlessly Integrate Cloud Storage Applications

Santa Clara, Calif — October 28, 2014


Today, DataDirect Networks (DDN) announced significant expansion to its accessibility program for WOS® object storage with the introduction WOS S3, which adds support for the industry standard Amazon S3 API. With this latest release, DDN offers the broadest range of supported interfaces to an object storage platform in the industry, enabling users from Enterprise to Academia and Research to Government, Private and Public Cloud the optimal connectivity choices for their existing datacenters. The inherent flexibility of the object storage technology that Web-scale users have trusted for years also makes WOS an attractive solution for DDN WOS partner program members to build solutions with. Businesses can implement a private or hybrid cloud strategy to manage massive data sets cost efficiently and securely, while seamlessly connecting to third-party software applications and technology partners that use the S3 API.

News Facts

  • To help data centric organizations easily, confidently and cost effectively build out private or hybrid cloud infrastructures, DDN is announcing today the availability of WOS S3, an Amazon S3 compatible interface for DDN’s WOS object storage platform.
  • With the introduction of the S3 interface, DDN WOS becomes the industry’s only object storage platform with support for industry standard and DDN unique cloud protocols including Amazon S3 for private or hybrid deployments, direct connectivity in a single name space from a GPFSTM environment for high-performance computing and data intensive users, native-REST for custom deployments in Web-scale solutions, and NFS/CIFS for legacy IT and datacenter applications.
  • With WOS S3, customers can seamlessly implement a broader range of software and hardware solutions to improve overall ROI and business agility by leveraging WOS object storage to roll out new services and capabilities. With a standards-based interface, customers now have plug-and-play support for the rapidly growing number of third-party ISV applications and technology partners that use the S3 API.
  • Trusted by major web and service providers and research organizations around the world, DDN’s industry leading WOS object storage platform offers the performance, scalability, search and global content distribution capabilities not available with legacy block or file storage systems. WOS S3 scales non-disruptively to over 5,000 concurrent sessions and more than five billion stored objects in a single, highly efficient namespace, providing significantly lower data storage management and TCO at scale when compared to competing object storage solutions.
  • WOS S3 helps organizations with large archives, media repositories and web data stores to easily implement a private or hybrid cloud, or transition to or from the Amazon S3 cloud, without the overhead associated with modifying existing cloud applications.
  • WOS S3 is highly available and fault tolerant and supports non-disruptive expansion and can survive multiple failures without interruption of availability, data loss or namespace corruption. With the industry’s broadest set of object storage protection schemes, ranging from smart replication to DDN’s ObjectAssureTM erasure coding offerings, WOS S3 enables performance and durability optimization that complies with all storage requirements.

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WOS Connect Partner Program Accelerates Ecosystem Build Out, Providing Users with Increased ROI

  • In conjunction with the introduction of WOS S3, DDN is also accelerating its WOS partner ecosystem build out by connecting application and solution partners to deliver more value and ROI to customers.
  • The WOS partner network enables end users and partners to integrate with WOS. By providing the tools needed for application developers and IT organizations to test and verify applications with the connectivity options of WOS including S3, NFS/CIFS, GPFS and WOS REST native interfaces, DDN’s partner ecosystem gives organizations more software choices and increased solution capabilities when implementing private or hybrid cloud storage solutions. These include a diverse and growing set of use cases such as file sync and share, content delivery, global collaboration, storage tiering and active archiving.
  • The WOS Partner network further enables DDN partners to deliver integrated technology solutions supported by joint sales and marketing programs. In addition, the WOS Partner onboarding program helps educate and enable partners with valuable go-to-market training and tools.

Pricing and Availability

  • Designed and priced to meet a wide variety of service provider, private and public cloud models, WOS S3 is now generally available with purchase options that include a plug-and-play appliance, OCP-compliant option or as software-only for large customers with a preferred white box platform.

Supporting Quotes

  • Molly Rector, Chief Marketing Officer, DDN
    • “Keeping pace with the demands that unstructured data growth places on today’s storage infrastructures in the face of diminishing budgets has become a massive challenge for IT organizations everywhere, prompting keen interest in and rapid adoption of object storage platforms. Support for the Amazon S3 interface builds on our commitment to delivering innovative technology to help our customers solve their rapidly changing data storage needs. With support for the broadest set of industry standard and cloud APIs today, DDN WOS S3 is designed for private and hybrid cloud infrastructures, providing customers with the flexibility to run their applications on premises or in the cloud.”

Global DDN WOS Customers and Partners applaud the introduction of WOS S3 including

  • Masaharu Munetomo, Ph.D., Professor and Vice Director of Information Initiative Center, Research Division of Digital Concepts, Hokkaido University
    • “DDN was the only company that could support multiple cloud services in a single system—which is critical for ensuring efficient workflows and increased content collaboration across thousands of researchers and students.
  • Armel Bilé, Digital Archive Product Manager, ASG Software Solutions
    • “The new S3 interface that DDN’s WOS now offers is a great addition for our large volume customers. They often integrate ASG-Digital Archive in a very heterogeneous infrastructure, and the S3 interface provides an easy way for all of the software and storage components to work together.”
  • John Matze, CEO of Bridgestor
    • “As a new member of the DDN partner network, we are excited about the introduction of the S3 interface to the WOS environment, says John Matze, CEO, BridgeSTOR, LLC. Our feature-rich Coronado Hybrid Cloud NAS combined with our dynamic global file system and the scalability and content distribution capabilities of the DDN WOS object storage, creates true cloud Storage FreedomTM with transparent file access from anywhere in the world.
  • Jeff Denworth, Senior Vice President of Marketing, CTERA
    • “CTERA’s cloud storage services platform leverages DDN’s WOS object storage to deliver cost-effective and secure private, public and hybrid cloud solutions to enterprise customers and service providers looking to modernize the way organizations store, sync and protect data. The introduction of the WOS S3 interface is an ideal solution for CTERA customers looking to broadly promote object storage adoption within their enterprise and define a standards-based strategy for their application agenda. We are excited to join the WOS Partner Network and look forward to delivering expanded cloud solutions in partnership with DDN.
  • Dan Bedard, Market Development Manager for iRODS
    • “iRODS and DDN have a long-standing collaboration, which has resulted in iRODS’ early support for the native API to the WOS object storage platform. By making WOS compatible with the S3 standard, DDN will accelerate adoption of cloud-based storage and associated applications, which is why we enthusiastically announce that the iRODS data management software supports WOS S3.”
  • Riccardo Finotti, CEO of QStar Technologies
    • “QStar Technologies is very pleased to join DDN’s WOS partner network and announce support for the WOS S3 API with our Archive Manager and Archive Replicator products. QStar allows users to store petabytes of data to WOS S3 through a CIFS / NFS NAS archive gateway installed on a real or virtual Windows or Linux server. For established environment with many applications that rely on CIFS / NFS or where significant amounts of data are already stored on network storage, the addition of a NAS archive based workflow adds significant integration advantages. For certain archive workflows, a hybrid archive solutions can be an advantage. QStar provides Archive Replicator to synchronously write archived data to DDN WOS and tape, or DDN WOS and commercial cloud, or any number of combinations of supported technology.”

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