DataDirect Networks Leads as Top Supplier of High Performance Storage to the World’s Fastest Supercomputing Clusters

DataDirect’s S2A storage enables 7 of the top 10 fastest clusters in the world

CHATSWORTH, CA — July 12, 2006 — With the 28th edition of the TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputing clusters, DataDirect Networks has increased its leadership role as the largest supplier of high performance storage to the world’s top 100 cluster sites, powering 7 of the top 10 fastest clusters in the world.

DataDirect Networks’ successes include powering 52% of the processors in the top 100 clusters in major installations like Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL), Sandia National Laboratories, CEA, NASA, ORNL, MHPCC, University of Texas, AWE, ERDC MSRC, NCSA, ARL MSRC, Indiana University, USC, UCSD, CINECA, BYU, DoD ASC, CalTech, NOAA, PSC, NERSC/LBNL, CSCS, and many others. DataDirect Networks supports 35 of the top 100 supercomputing clusters around the world including the fastest in the world (LLNL, USA).

This announcement comes at the heals of DataDirect Networks recent announcement to open a subsidiary in Japan to pursue supercomputing clusters in the APAC region.

DataDirect Networks’ stellar growth is driven by its unrivaled Silicon Storage Appliance (S2A) technology, a 7th generation RAID storage networking system designed to enable a close tie-in between processor, cluster file systems and storage controller layers, which delivered 24 GB/s with 1 raw petabyte of SATA storage to LLNL’s fastest cluster. The S2A system supports Fibre Channel-4 and InfiniBand host connectivity simultaneously, Fibre Channel or SATA disks and works with a wide range of shared and parallel file systems, delivering up to 3 GB/s of sustained ultra-high performance, while providing up to 720 TB of non-disruptive storage in a two rack system – offering the highest performance and most dense solution with the smallest footprint in the industry. Further, the S2A provides enterprise-class data protection and reliability with multiple levels of redundancy, incorporating on-the-fly parity checking of all read I/Os and Hardware RAID 6 with no loss of performance across a broad range of computational, visualization, and nearline environments. DataDirect Networks’ S2A offers broad infrastructure support powering compute clusters from IBM, Dell, HP, Cray, SGI, Bull and others.

“The ever-increasing market recognition of our innovative S2A storage technology from the world’s governments and top supercomputing clusters is a testament to our unique vision,” states Alex Bouzari, CEO of DataDirect Networks. “The S2A innovation of processor, file systems and storage controller tie-in delivers sustainable value to our customers enabling them to execute breakthrough science.”