DDN Announces A³I Support for NVIDIA DGX-A100

Advancing AI and Deep Learning Infrastructure, A3I® AI Storage Solutions and DGX™ A100 Systems Optimize the Performance of Analytics, Training, and Inference Workloads

DDN, the global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and  multicloud data management, announced support for NVIDIA DGX A100 systems in its A3I® solutions. DGX A100 is the world’s first 5-petaflops AI system that consolidates the power and capabilities of an entire data center into a single flexible platform. A3I combines DDN storage, DGX A100 systems and NVIDIA Mellanox high-speed networking to supply optimized compute and I/O based on common principles of parallelism, performance and scale.

A wide variety of organizations with different use cases, sizes and technical skill levels are looking to data-intensive applications and data science to differentiate, innovate and speed time-to-market for their products. By creating solutions that are powerful, scalable and easy to deploy, DDN makes high-performance AI and analytics accessible to anyone with these requirements. Leading life sciences, autonomous vehicle, pharmaceutical and manufacturing organizations have already taken advantage of DDN’s A3I solutions. This next generation will make innovation that much faster and easier.

DDN A3I solutions, specifically the AI400X®, are deployed in NVIDIA’s data center to provide high-performance and scalable shared file access for its own DGX A100-based SuperPOD. “We’re seeing powerful results in testing NVIDIA’s DGX A100,” said James Coomer, vice president of products at DDN. “Together, we strive to make high-performance AI and analytics engines more accessible to more innovators.”

DDN’s A3I with NVIDIA DGX systems are ideal for companies that need flexible resources to address multiple workflows, projects or departments. With support for secure multi-tenancy, DDN’s storage systems can supply high-performance access to shared infrastructure for projects under organizational or regulatory requirements for complete data separation. This makes A3I ideal for hyperscale, multidisciplinary or pharmaceutical research use cases.

“The NVIDIA DGX A100 delivers the flexibility to power AI training, inference and data science workloads,” said Tony Paikeday, director of product marketing, artificial intelligence and deep learning at NVIDIA. “With DDN and NVIDIA technology, customers have simple access to world-class supercomputing infrastructure that delivers leading performance and scalability to accelerate the world’s biggest AI workloads.”

To help customers scope and design their own A3I powered data center, DDN and NVIDIA plan to release new reference architectures based on A3I and DGX A100. DDN A3I is also available for purchase from its network of certified partners around the world. More information on local partners is available at

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