DDN Announces $100 Million Investment In Exascale Computing

Strategic investments will drive dramatic advancements in next-generation application scalability and data-intensive computing efficiency

SUNNYVALE, CA, —(November 14, 2012) — DataDirect Networks (DDN™), the world leader in massively scalable storage, today announced the establishment of a $100,000,000 USD investment in its research and development efforts, specifically directed at resolving key challenges to achieving Exascale levels of performance in scientific computing.

“Data-intensive computing impacts individuals, organizations, industries and governments by enabling the creation of valuable information based on massive volumes of highly complex data,” said Alex Bouzari, CEO and cofounder, DDN. “Significant investment is required to allow researchers to address challenges such as the design of new materials needed for better electric car batteries, the improvement of multi-physics models for more accurate severe weather modeling, and the development of high-resolution cosmological simulations to help understand dark matter and the universe around us. With today’s announcement, DDN is establishing a clear direction for our Exascale computing agenda and reaffirms DDN’s continued central role in the future of supercomputing.”

Exascale computing refers to a computer system capable of reaching performance exceeding one quintillion computer operations per second. This level of computing capability is expected to arrive around 2018 and will represent a thousandfold increase over current state-of-the-art technology. To achieve this level of scalability, it is largely understood that radical innovation will be required to ensure applications can effectively scale across massive infrastructure that is highly resilient, power efficient and affordable.

Powering over 60 of the world’s top 100 supercomputers (as ranked by the June 2012 Top500 list), DDN is at the forefront of supercomputing and Big Data storage scaling efforts. Throughout DDN’s history, the company has successfully commercialized technology which is proven at the highest levels of computing as data-intensive computing challenges become democratized across the enterprise.

“With its investment in Exascale, DDN is signaling its intention to remain at the leading edge of high performance computing,” said Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research. “HPC technologies are starting to become mainstream with the advent of Big Data, and now there is huge market incentive for HPC leaders like DDN to develop next-generation technologies for scalable and efficient data-intensive computing.”

The new investments by DDN represent a substantial percentage of DDN’s engineering resources and will be directed towards technology challenges which become critical at Exascale proportions, including:

  • I/O Acceleration: New file system, middleware and storage tiering methods will be required to eliminate scalability barriers associated with conventional methods of file, object and database access in order to achieve 1,000x scalability, TB/s performance and million-way application CPU parallelism.
  • Converged Infrastructure: The convergence of computing, storage and networking technologies will give rise to intelligent and accelerated data storage infrastrutures which can co-locate pre-processing and post-processing routines natively within the storage infrastructure to enable applications to access data with increased acuity.
  • Information Value Extraction: Leveraging converged infrastructures, DDN R&D efforts will support the development of scalable data analytics environments to extract actionable insights from vast volumes of unstructured data.
  • Energy and Data Center Efficiency: With the emergence of storage-class memory and software tools, infrastructures can be built with fewer components compared to today’s disk-based technologies. These initiatives will serve to significantly reduce hardware acquisition costs but will also make data centers much more space and power efficient by reducing storage footprint by more than 75%.

DDN will further discuss its Exascale agenda at SC12, the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis in Salt Lake City from November 12-15 in booth #1519.

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