DDN Delivers New Burst Buffer Appliance and Updates Block and File Appliances, Completing Total Product Line Refresh

Storage Platform Updates Boost Performance and Embedded Application Efficiency; New Software on Commodity Hardware Offering Increases Solution Flexibility and Customer Choice

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – November 8, 2016

DataDirect Networks (DDN®) today announced several new products, solutions and updates, completing a refresh to its entire product line that began in September with the announcement of a new, high-density, high-performance object storage appliance (WOS8460). The newest additions include a refresh of the DDN14K-based products (DDN SFA14KX®, SFA14KXE®, GS14KX™ and ES14KX™), an updated operating system with new capabilities, a new Burst Buffer Appliance (IME240™) based on commodity hardware, and the company’s new Multi-Level Security (MLS) Solution for Lustre* environments (announced separately).

With enhanced performance, scale, density and a number of net new features, DDN’s refreshed product line delivers the power to solve the toughest challenges in HPC and data-intensive Enterprise environments, such as mixed I/O performance and rapid data growth. These top challenges were highlighted in the company’s HPC Trends Survey, announced last week. With this latest refresh, DDN’s product suite advances data center modernization with powerful flash technologies, improved platform performance and the expanded the use of open platforms.

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“Intersect360 Research is forecasting worldwide spending on storage for HPC applications to surpass $5 billion in 2016, continuing to grow faster than the market rate to over $6.5 billion in 2020, as organizations continue to invest in technologies to optimize for data-hungry workloads,” said Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research. “With its investments in object storage and ‘burst buffer’ technologies, DDN is staying on top of the forward-looking technologies that will shape the next several years.”

DDN SFA14KX, SFA14KXE, GS14KX and ES14KX Storage Platforms

With the SFA14KX, SFA14KXE, GS14KX and ES14KX added to its flagship line of storage solutions, DDN provides customers with flexible options to take maximum advantage of a suite of new technologies and interconnects including SAS SSD, NVMe, InfiniBand, Omni-Path and the latest processor technologies, including the Intel® fifth-generation Broadwell processor, which is now available across all DDN14KX-based appliances.

The new SFA14KX delivers industry leading, hybrid block storage array performance, while the SFA14KXE, GS14KX and ES14KX converged solutions allow users to leverage the power of In-Storage Processing to embed applications or parallel file systems within the storage array for the significant reduction of complexity, latency and data center footprint.

DDN’s storage platforms deliver the world’s fastest, densest storage with more than 6 million IOPS and 60GB/sec in 4U with scalability to more than 9PB of capacity in a single rack.

DDN IME240 and Software-Only IME

DDN has expanded its IME® product line by adding the new IME240 appliance and is now also marketing IME as software-only, making IME the industry’s first open-platform burst buffer that is not tied to a specific server or storage vendor’s products. The IME240 is a 2U server with 24 drives that harnesses the power of NVMe to deliver up to 20 GB/second. The market is moving toward more openness and, as it did with its WOS® product line and now IME, DDN is giving customers more architectural flexibility and choice with both appliance and software-only options. Appliance delivery models allow organizations to deploy complete, preconfigured solutions with end-to-end 24/7 support, while software-defined architectures give customers complete configuration flexibility and control.

DDN SFA Operating System 3.1
The new SFAOS 3.1 brings together the numerous, highly versatile capabilities that the company has released independently across many of its products this past year and makes them universally available across all products in the SFA line – including converged GRIDScaler® and EXAScaler® file-system appliances. The new operating system fully supports the Intel Broadwell processors, which are now available within DDN storage solutions and which provide more cores, advance DDN’s In-Storage Processing™ efficiency and support the DDN platforms’ peak performance requirements.

DDN’s In-Storage Processing feature removes latency and bottlenecks to accelerate applications and enables workflows to scale more efficiently, while reducing the number of components to manage, power and house.

Upcoming SC16 Conference

DDN will showcase its latest storage solutions and innovations in HPC leadership that give customers the power to achieve their most aspiring visions at the upcoming SC16 conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, at DDN booth #1931. To schedule a meeting, click here. 

The SFA14KX, SFA14KXE, GS14KX, ES14KX and software-only IME solutions are available and shipping today. DDN’s SFA Operating System 3.1 is also available and shipping with all new products. The DDN IME240 will ship in volume in the first quarter of 2017.

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