Big Data Analytics


It’s no trade secret. Companies need to make faster and more informed decisions to get the next big breakthrough to market. Did you know DDN customers report 400% to 500% performance improvement in their SAS, Informatica, and other key workflows?

Don’t split your infrastructure to speed individual analytics processes.  Consolidate for faster performance, less copy time, and fewer copies to manage so overall time to insight is significantly reduced. With more powerful data access, raise your per core throughput for analytics applications for significantly lower cost of infrastructure. Versus Enterprise SAN Infrastructure, DDN solutions for Big Data Analytics tend to be significantly more cost effective on both CAPEX and OPEX, and can reduce per-core software licensing costs by up to 4/5, which in many cases easily covers the entire cost of the data management infrastructure many times over.

“With our SAS GRID solution we achieved 452% faster workflows across the board—some applications were even higher. We also went from over 100 [SAS] servers to 16 for the entire enterprise.”—John Eubanks, Systems Engineer V, Fannie Mae

Why is DDN the Worldwide Leader in HPC Storage?

  • World’s fastest file storage systems in production
  • Partner of choice to HPC systems providers
  • 800% better performance—fastest in the world
  • 40%+ better data center density
  • World’s broadest HPC Storage Solutions portfolio
  • HPCWire Editor’s and Reader’s Choice Awards for 8 consecutive years

As the principal supplier of Big Data storage, DDN is the provider of choice for leading companies in the most analytic-intensive industries. Our award-winning, proven, and innovative Storage Fusion Architecture (SFA) delivers peak performance by using the most advanced processor technology, busses, and memory with an optimized RAID engine and sophisticated data management algorithms. Not only are DDN Storage and solutions purpose-built to deliver bottom line results faster, they also enable you to scale your storage more intelligently, efficiently, and cost effectively. For more than 18 years, our relentless focus solving the toughest problems in computing and Big Data has made DDN the de facto choice for leading-edge HPC workloads.

Use Cases

  • 452% improvement in end-to-end workflow performance for the most complex SAS Grid workload as compared to traditional storage architecture
  • 400% higher throughput per core enabling faster runtimes and more unmatched performance for data intensive SAS Grid workflows
  • More than 4x SAS Grid workflows can be executed on DDN solutions versus competing traditional storage solutions in the same amount of time
  • More than 50% reduction in data center footprint and optimized IT Budgets
  • Eliminate data silos and simplify data management infrastructure

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