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As you know, OpenStack isn’t a plug-and-play kind of cloud platform. With so many components to configure, it is OK to build your own for some things, but maybe not for others. When it comes to storage, the data you are preserving is too valuable to your organization to trust it to a home-built, commodity-based storage operating unpredictable workloads with mixed IO and different applications hammering it.

From SSD to the highest performing disk, DDN’s integrated end-to-end storage solutions deliver the best price/performance in the market for OpenStack infrastructures with robust and feature-rich enterprise-quality storage that protects your most valuable asset—your data. With over 18 years of leadership in high-performance infrastructure deployments and experience supporting large-scale OpenStack deployments, DDN solutions are engineered from day-one to cost-effectively support hundreds of petabytes and highly-intensive IO operations.

Abdulrahman Alkhamees - OpenStack, Hadoop, and General Analytics Use Cases

OpenStack, Hadoop & General Analytics Use Cases - Leveraging Consolidated, Scalable Storage Architectures for Faster Results in Research, Telco & Financial Services



DDN can help you consolidate your environment, optimize performance and deliver multiple levels of service to your internal and external customers. DDN solutions give you the flexibility of designing an OpenStack storage infrastructure based on proven technology with top-notch support:

  • Simple to deploy drivers for Cinder file storage and Swift object storage
  • DDN’s multi-tiered, end-to-end solutions provide predictable, high-performance for reducing shuffle to optimize IO and multiple virtualized applications
  • Significantly reduced complexity— Glance, Cinder, Manilla, a shared file system and S3/Swift support can all be presented from a single file system namespace
  • DDN storage delivers best-in-class high-performance storage with simply administered security, multi-site, collaboration, disaster recovery features
  • Open source infrastructure with Enterprise-quality storage that is reliable, robust, powerful, proven and reduces risk

Optimal Solution for OpenStack Storage Services

GRIDScaler’s implementation of IBM® Spectrum Scale™ provides flexible choices for Enterprise-grade data protection, availability features, and the performance of a parallel file system. Combined with the ability to scale out to dozens or even hundreds of petabytes while sustaining high mixed IO performance, GRIDScaler delivers complete data protection, data security and data management options to supplement a powerful file storage solution.

High-Performance: Use Spectrum Scale pools to manage performance with Cinder volume types defined to access these pools

Consolidated and Efficient: Glance images and Cinder block devices can reside on the same shared storage

Enterprise Features: Replicate and create snapshots and decrease formatting time by cloning

Efficient Thin Provisioning: Using Copy-on-write clones and optimize over-provisioning for maximum utilization

Multipurpose Storage: Parallel file and block storage in one appliance

GRIDScaler Family


  • Seamlessly manage QoS with multiple Cinder storage types SAS, Near Line SAS and SSD
  • Efficient data sharing between Glance, Cinder, and Nova using COW
  • Sync/Async Replication across Geographies