Supplier Responsibility

Supply Chain Management

DDN designs, sources and manufactures quality products which meet industry standards, regulations and compliance directives. We establish partnerships with organizations that hold similar business ethics and standards.

We have developed a value system which aligns to the EICC Code of Conduct and hold our suppliers to the same level. We expect our suppliers to develop and align their operations management with the ISO 9001 & 14001 standards.

Building a Stable Supply Chain

To ensure business continuity and meet our commitments to our customers, we have developed Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Plans. These cover risk management and maintaining a sustainable supply chain. More information can be viewed under our “Operations” page.

How to become a DDN Supplier?

We manage our resources responsibly and develop strong supplier relations which enable us to maintain our standards – Ethical, Social and Environmental. Through strong relationships we can improve operational excellence which produce higher quality products. We have set standards for our suppliers in order to support us to maintain excellence in business practices. Key factors in Supplier Relationships are:

  1. Supplier Agreements
    In order to establish a contractual relationship with a suppliers and manufacturers, DDN has established a “DDN Purchase Terms” document which provides information on Terms and Conditions of Purchase.
  2. Compliance Certifications
    We engage in partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers of materials who practice and meet global compliance standards.
  1. ISO Standards
  2. RoHS
  3. WEEE
  5. REACH regulation on SVHC
  6. Import Compliance
  7. SAFE Framework for shipment export requirements
  8. US Sanctions on North Korea Gold


  • Development of Social and Environmental Management System
    The supplier should meet industry standards which requires development of a Social & Environmental Management System.
  • Conflict Free Minerals Supply Chain
    Have conflict free minerals/metals in their manufacturing process. For more details, please see Conflict Minerals Page.
  • Required Product Information
    All DDN Suppliers are required to provide the parts/product information in the Parts Information Request Form along with supporting documented evidence wherever required.