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Top Five Reasons To Deploy IntelliFlash™ H-Series

The IntelliFlash H-Series hybrid flash systems combine the performance of NVMe with the economics of HDDs for a full-service intelligent storage infrastructure that’s easy to manage and delivers an exceptional user experience.

H-Series systems support multi-petabyte SAN and NAS workloads and autonomously optimize SSD-to-HDD ratios for all workloads running in virtualized and non-virtualized environments, with structured or unstructured data. Applications benefit from accelerated automatic data tiering and simplified flash operations, which deliver an ideal combination of performance and scalability for enterprise end-user file shares and AI, analytics and HPC workloads.

The H-Series enables concurrent multiprotocol support on a single system for cost-efficient mixed workload consolidation, while incorporating powerful analytics software for faster data insights. These enterprise-grade systems also enable large-scale file services without the performance degradation experienced when using other NAS systems.

Your most demanding workloads deserve uncompromised performance – especially when they are key to your business success. IntelliFlash H-Series combines the power of NVMe, software-optimized flash management, and robust enterprise data services and analytics.

Our unique enterprise-class storage architecture autonomously optimizes NVMe SSD-to-HDD ratios for hybrid storage and also optimizes all-NVMe flash storage, delivering performance and capacity for all your business application needs. This flash-optimized approach also delivers the best flexibility and economics by supporting mixed storage media types.

IntelliFlash H-Series systems simplify and optimize storage resources by supporting multiple storage media types, and SAN and NAS protocols concurrently in both physical and virtualized environments. You can support specific workload requirements for performance, capacity or both simultaneously using a single platform.

In addition, H-Series systems provide granular visibility, management, and integration with key enterprise ecosystems. This integration simplifies provisioning, backup, disaster recovery, cloning and other critical data services.

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