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Top Five Reasons To Deploy IntelliFlash™ N-Series

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe™) is now a well-established technology that empowers enterprise applications with native flash performance by eliminating legacy interface bottlenecks.

The IntelliFlash N-Series is a battle-tested solution that delivers consistent, scalable performance to successfully drive your business, whether it’s a few apps that need a performance boost or business-critical workloads that demand the fastest and most reliable NVMe technology available. The N6000, an enhanced leading-edge IntelliFlash product line, is based on the industry’s most mature NVMe platform from DDN, which manages data for the most demanding high-performance workloads on the planet. Any workload, running in virtualized and non-virtualized environments, with structured or unstructured data, can now benefit from accelerated transactions and simplified operations on a fault-tolerant IntelliFlash architecture.

Enterprises can also fully utilize the strength of NVMe for both high-performance and hybrid workloads – balancing speed and cost-efficient capacity. High performance with ultra-low latency at scale, combined with AI-driven analytics and autonomous workload optimization make IntelliFlash N-Series the storage platform of choice to power your most valuable workloads.

IntelliFlash N-Series is the product of choice to drive your performance sensitive workloads without compromise. You get a proven enterprise class NVMe storage architecture that’s ideal for real- time analytics, high-transaction processing workloads, and business applications.

You can reduce latency, increase throughput and turbo-charge your performance with a fully optimized IntelliFlash software stack and innovative NVMe flash management. Count on automatic workload isolation to eliminate IO contention and patented intelligent caching to give your apps ultra-fast data access – even at multi-petabyte scale.

As enterprise data continues to grow exponentially, organizations are under constant pressure to optimize their storage investments. IntelliFlash N-Series systems optimize storage resources and simplify management by supporting SAN (iSCSI, FC) and NAS (NFS, SMB3) protocols, concurrently, in both physical and virtualized environments.

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