Challenged by budget constraints and the weight of big data brought on by high resolution microscopy, demands for faster sequencing, and personalized medicine?

Data Lake…or Data Deluge?

Today’s university hospitals bridge the gap between research and clinical, with more data coming in from a larger variety of resources that are generating even more data. The variety of these sources create differing, conflicting I/O patterns and bandwidth requirements that are difficult to optimize in a single storage solution. Islands of storage optimized for each use case create IT sprawl that is increasingly complex to diagnose, difficult to manage and does not scale cost effectively. In addition, the varied data sources from the equipment in your environment are generating outputs at increasing resolutions. This higher resolution is great for delivering better science, faster research results and more accurate patient care, but also comes with a cost of storage overflow that does not scale easily.

Feeling the Pressure from Tighter Budgets?

Like all organizations, university hospitals are being asked to do more work, supporting increased data flow with less resources. These resources are not only hardware and software, but also fewer administrators to manage this tidal wave of patient and research data. In fact, trying to accommodate this surge of new data by scaling out traditional NAS solutions increases costs exponentially because the equipment gets less performant on a unit basis and it scales beyond its limits. This means you actually need more hardware, software and employees to manage even less new data as your environment grows. This scale-out traditional approach simply compounds the problem.


DDN as a history of success providing solutions for customers in regulated environments (CLIA, HIPPA, FISMA). With DDN solutions you can achieve:




Save money and reduce time-to-results with a truly more powerful solution for your microscopy, sequencing, and personalized medicine data storage needs. With DDN parallel storage solutions, your critical instruments and your patients will never have to wait. Unlike scale-out NAS, parallel file system solutions deliver sustainable performance and manageable costs while efficiently handling massive data growth. DDN offers server-less, embedded Lustre* or Spectrum Scale™ (formerly GPFS) parallel file system solutions that support over 1TB/s of throughput and dozens of Petabytes of capacity. DDN’s turnkey and fully supported solutions provide the same performance and simplicity from day one to retirement, regardless of how your environment scales.

End-to-End Solution Offers the Ultimate Price/Performance for the Complete Workflow

High performance storage for tier one is great for the ultimate in ingest and processing but once those jobs are complete, move you data seamlessly with DDN to our object storage solution in a single name space for the ultimate in cost effective and easy scale-out capacity, collaboration and active archiving. Read more about our end-to-end solution.

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DDN provides tailored data storage solutions that help you deliver maximum value from your environment.

Save money and reduce time-to-results with a more powerful data storage solution that meets your microscopy, sequencing, and personalized medicine requirements. DDN’s technical team would embrace the opportunity to help you solve your most difficult data problems. Contact us to schedule an in-depth consultation with our world-class Engineers and Solution Architects and let DDN help you deliver results FASTER and MORE EFFICIENTLY!