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WOS Native High Performance APIs

The WOS native APIs enable applications to achieve the highest performance and flexible access to the WOS cluster. The WOS native APIs provide a rich set of object store commands, including: PUT object, GET object, DELETE object, RESERVE ObjectID, and are accessible via C++, Python, Java, & PHP language bindings as well as an HTTP RESTful interface. The WOS native API’s also support sub-object access, and full support for the WOS rich metadata capabilities.

WOS supports both a client-level library and a REST interface:

  • WOS Client-level library (WOSLib)
    Applications use WOSLib to logically connect to the cluster and provide the highest performance access. WOSLib manages its own connections to nodes and maintains intelligence about the location of objects in the cluster to provide direct access to objects utilizing the least-latent node in a distributed, multi-replica environment.
  • WOS REST interface
    The WOS REST reflects the architecture of the Web, meaning it is very efficient and Web-like in its nature. It is stateless, which provides for storage access in the unpredictable and highly latent networks that comprise the Internet. In addition, its highly efficient, Web scale allows many clients to interact with many servers against a pool of objects. REST allows interactions via network to occur with a minimum of overhead.

WOS Cloud APIs

The WOS cloud storage API enables IVS or in-house developers to leverage DDN’s robust Amazon S3™ compatible storage interface to access the WOS object storage platform and take advantage of industry leading features including:

  • Robust Amazon S3 API – Provides deep compatibility with the Amazon S3 API and delivers a very high level of consistency across API functions including: API call support, Error codes, status text and response formats etc.
  • Performance – Scales to support many thousands of simultaneous users and billions of objects at performance levels far beyond the reach of the competition
  • Massive scalability – Seamlessly grow from a few Terabytes to over an Exabyte of storage capacity in a single namespace
  • Flexibility – A modular building block approach that enables the Cloud API performance and capacity to be scaled independently of the WOS object storage to meet any combination of performance or capacity requirements
  • Storage efficiency – WOS is pure object storage and does not rely on a underlying POSIX file system, so block fit waste, and file fragmentation do not impact WOS storage efficiency or performance at any scale

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