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High Performance Shared Data Storage to Accelerate Microscopy Research

Data generation in microscopy is growing faster than any other field in life sciences. Existing storage architectures can severely limit the speed of research and even put valuable data at risk during multiple onerous data transfers. DDN eliminates problems of capacity, performance and data distribution with extremely scalable shared parallel storage solutions.

Big Performance for All File Types

Limitless Scale

End-to-end data protection

Integrated and Optimized for High-end Microscopy Imaging and Processing

Working in close collaboration with innovating instrument makers, DDN provides integrated data solutions to enable high-end microscopy workflows at any scale for life sciences, materials research and other industry applications. DDN vastly accelerates the discovery process compared to current storage with architectures that simplify and streamline all aspects of data storage and processing.

Imaging Workflows Without Boundaries

The DDN shared parallel architecture makes it easy to capture, process, analyze data, and visualize results using a single central data platform.

All phases of the microscopy workflow can happen concurrently, and continuously without having to move data between different storage locations.

Multiple users can interact with the entire data set simultaneously, through a simple intuitive interface.

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