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Efficiently Accelerate AI & HPC Apps at Any Scale

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The Gold Standard for Enterprise AI Storage

DDN's storage appliances make deployment, management and scaling simple for even the largest AI application.

Supplying the most efficient performance in the industry, DDN helps you unlock all the capabilities of your GPU-based infrastructure. Deployed behind tens of thousands of NVIDIA DGX™ systems, including NVIDIA's own Selene, Cambridge-1, and EOS supercomputers, DDN is proven in AI datacenters worldwide.

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Manuvir Das Artificial Intelligence Storage
Maximize Performance of DGX SuperPOD with Storage for AI
I have a very simple statement for you; NVIDIA uses DDN.
~ Manuvir Das
Head of Enterprise Computing
Reference Architectures

The End of Hardware-Centric Storage Design

DDN Infinia is Easy to Deploy, Manage and Scale from Edge to Data Center to any Cloud

A Modern Multi-Tenant Data Store for S3 Object and Posix File System Deployments. DDN Infinia is a Next Generation Data Services Platform that has been designed for multi-cloud, introducing a set of core features that allows for more fluid control of data across public and private cloud and across organizational boundaries.

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Solutions Without Limits for All Data Challenges

Powerful data management solutions for data-centric AI, analytics and real time insight to unlock innovation in your datacenter and in the cloud.

Get 30x More IOPS
Our Unique End-to-End
Data Path Delivers to You:

Utilization Writes Per Watt
Performance Writes per RU
Transactions IOPs
AI Data Runs Better, Faster & Safer on DDN Storage

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Current Flash Storage?

Other solutions don't deliver the full power of flash into your business, which raises costs and slows results. Allow your applications to benefit from the promise of flash with revolutionized QLC architectures.

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Leading Organizations Choose Data-Driven Decision Making

Accelerating Innovation with Artificial Intelligence Storage

“DDN is the de facto name for AI storage in high-performance environments.”

Marc Hamilton
~ Marc Hamilton
VP Solutions Architecture

Modernizing Data Management to Discover the Future of Health

“We were well-equipped to manage and quickly access massive data sets generated by this new wave of AI applications.”

~ Dr Alf Wachsmann
Head of DigIT Infrastructure & Scientific Computing

Lower Cost, Simple Scaling & Faster AI Applications

Other “scalable” storage solutions require inefficient back-end networks and don't deliver on performance promises.

DDN's data storage solutions eliminate complexity, scale-out linearly and deliver optimized performance directly to AI applications.

Find out why Generative AI is driving data-centric organizations to adopt DDN.

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Datacenters Need to Become MUCH More Efficient

Datacenters use 1% of electricity worldwide and Generative AI is set to drive a new explosion in data volumes and service demand.

Optimizing data storage and data movement is key to delivering untapped efficiency in the datacenter.

Find out why DDN is the most efficient data storage solution for AI and HPC, driving 10x more data in a fraction of the energy of other systems.

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