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 Accelerating Enterprise AI Adoption

Breakthrough innovation and competitive advantage for data-intensive workloads.


Enterprises are looking to differentiate in a competitive marketplace.

What if there was an easy way to transform untapped business data into an unassailable advantage?

Fast. Responsive. Reliable.
Simple at Any Scale.

Powerful storage solutions that unlock productivity, insight and innovation – easy to design, deploy and scale more efficiently.

DDN’s A3I solutions enable instant and accurate insight for customers processing massive amounts of data. Data growth will continue unchecked. Gathering, accessing and processing this data quickly is a strategic imperative. Current IT systems are not designed for the complexities of AI.

A3I is AI-optimized Intelligent Infrastructure removes data management risks with efficiency and speed regardless of the size of the challenge.



Reference Architecture

Go pro and get AI results by setting your infrastructure up to scale successfully.


Reference Architecture

Think big. Move fast. Break through barriers with extreme performance and scale from the AI supercomputing experts.

Case Study

Recursion Pharmaceutical

Faster results and better resource utilization means improved data science.

“I’ve worked on lots of different solutions, and DDN storage is the most mature. Their tooling is better, and their engineers really know their products. If I need a two-node, 200-node or 200,000-node cluster, I know DDN is going to perform.”

~ Kris Howard, Recursion Pharmaceutical


GPU Utilization


Reduction in file access time

Leading AI Developers Trust DDN

Maximize Your AI Application Performance

Simplify and Accelerate Infrastructure Deployment

Designing, deploying, and managing high performance infrastructure is simplified by A3I, and is proven to deliver

Unsurpassed Reliability and Data Availability

A shared parallel architecture facilitates unique redundancy and automatic fail over capability to ensure high reliability, resiliency, and data availability.

Streamline Workflows and Centralize Data Governance

Eliminate siloed operation and gain a dramatic reduction in management. Intelligent monitoring provides comprehensive insight, and a native security framework makes it easy to share data. Extensive controls prevent unauthorized data access or modification from malicious actors.

Superior Performance and Scalability

DDN’s genuine end-to-end parallelism delivers data with high throughput, low latency, and massive concurrency in transactions. AI applications achieve 10X the performance of NFS-based workflows.

Unleash the Power of Your AI Projects

Contact DDN today and engage our team of data-at-scale experts.

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