DDN Academic Research Solutions

DDN Academic Solutions

DDN Academic Research Solutions


In Academic Research, breakthrough results can revolutionize a field, build careers and accelerate institutional funding.

In genomics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, fluid dynamics, marine science, particle physics and other data-intensive fields, faster access to ever larger data sets is crucial to meaningful research.

Generating, accessing, curating and publishing data sets and results in the face of massive data growth requires increasingly sophisticated IT infrastructure. Now, universities and research institutions are increasingly turning to AI to unlock insights contained in those massive datasets.

DDN Academic Research Solutions

Facilitating The Research Lifecycle

With a proven architecture deployed at many of the world’s most esteemed educational institutions, DDN storage helps schools centralize their HPC infrastructure with a shared solution that is manageable, highly available, stable, and cost efficient.

DDN Academic Research IntelliFlash

Unified Flash Storage For Midrange AI Applications

IntelliFlash systems from DDN and Tintri combine the performance and attractive economics for full-service intelligent storage infrastructure that autonomously optimizes SSD-to-HDD ratios and delivers scalable performance.

DDN Academic Research Solutions

DDN Academic Research Solutions

DDN’s Deep Experience In Academia

DDN’s 20-year history of providing optimized solutions for academic research institutions has yielded cost effective solutions for consolidating multidisciplinary data.

These solutions support the rising use of GPU hardware to run mixed-precision simulation algorithms, CPU clusters for shared computing and the distribution of shared research through common file access methods.

DDN can also help schools maximize campus resources. CPU and GPU clusters only operate as fast as the data is supplied to them.

DDN systems have an optimized data path which ensures full utilization of computing resources.

Additionally, DDN solutions can serve as a recruiting tool for schools, as students will get experience with systems that are also deployed in the most innovative enterprises, cutting edge HPC labs, and government institutions.



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