Accelerate Collaborative Workflows

DDN Media Services


Media workflows in broadcast, post-production and content delivery are demanding—and getting tougher all the time.

Changing formats, camera resolutions and evolving techniques can make your infrastructure obsolete overnight.

DDN is the leading storage solutions provider for the world’s most content-intensive environments, delivering flawless ingest, transcoding, editing, color correction, and playout on the most concurrent 4K, 8K, UHD, HDR, and IMF streams.

DDN storage technology accelerates highly concurrent workflows like these for hundreds of broadcasters, post-production facilities and content delivery networks–for more than 600 of the largest media organizations worldwide.


Play-out the most Ultra HD, HD and SD Streams with consistently predictable performance.

DDN storage technology accelerates highly concurrent workflows for hundreds of broadcasters, as well as post-production facilities and content delivery networks–more than 600 of the largest media organizations worldwide.

DDN’s unique, real-time performance engine provides guaranteed quality of service for flawless playout of the most concurrent UHD, HDR, and IMF streams. Unlike other media storage solutions, DDN will ensure that you never drop a frame, even in outage conditions at the drive or the enclosure level.

DDN Media Solutions

Dalet MEDIATalks at NAB 2018

DDN: Storage solutions seamlessly integrated for media workflows.

Dalet MEDIATalks is a series of video interviews that address key topics of the broadcast & media industry – from operations to business – and will help you understand how Dalet strategically partners with leading organizations to deliver cutting-edge, best of breed, agile media solutions.

DDN media solutions simplify the management of live and archived video assets

Our technology speeds up content access times and powers your ability to provide high definition content wherever it is needed within the broadcast environment.

DDN Media Solutions


600+ Media & Entertainment customers, including the biggest names in the industry.

Unmatched Performance

Delivering multiples of bandwidth & IOPS enables you to handle the most projects, streams and formats.


Guaranteed throughput means never dropping a frame even with many concurrent 4K, 8K, UHD, HDR, and IMF streams.

Workflow Experts

Over 20 years of experience in Media & Entertainment, we have proven expertise to optimize your workflow.

Easy Setup, Manage and Scale

Simple to deploy, reliable to run for years.

Rich Ecosystem

Partner with the best System Integrators for complete broadcast storage solution workflows.

DDN Media Solutions


To accelerate collaborative workflows.

DDN’s unique, real-time performance engine provides guaranteed quality of service for flawless ingestion, transcoding, editing, and color correction on the most concurrent 4K, 8K, UHD, HDR, and IMF streams—up to 40 concurrent, uncompressed 4K streams on a single system.

That’s how DDN media solutions keep you ahead of the curve with the latest formats and meet all your scale, capacity, and bandwidth requirements, end-to-end.

DDN’s MEDIAScaler achieves up to 6GB/s of performance on a single stream, and scales linearly with parallel workload clients.

DDN technology accelerates every aspect of the media lifecycle on a single, simple-to-manage-platform. MEDIAScaler delivers the tools that media leaders need to manage all the data associated media workflows without losing performance.


Delivers hundreds of gigabytes per second performance and hundreds of thousands of IOPS.

Effortlessly scales from 80TB to hundreds of petabytes of capacity.

Scales to hundreds of concurrent media streams, up to 40 4K uncompressed streams.

Up to 42GB/s accelerated performance in a single building block with advanced controller caching, software defined SSDs and all SSD options.

Easy to manage solutions with realtime access to digital content for broadcasters.

Data Protection with DCR RAID 1/5/6, policy-driven snapshots—up to 256 snapshots per volume, high-speed defragmentation.

Mix SSDs, NL SAS and SAS in the same single platform, even in the same enclosure.

Simplify management by consolidating all media workflows onto a single platform.

Seamless cloud scalability for content delivery networks.

Cost-effective active archiving.

Accelerate post-production workflows like ingest, editing, color correction, transcoding.

Connectivity options include 1/10/40/100GigE, 16/32GB/s Fibre Channel, EDR/FDR InfiniBand, Omni-Connect.

Support for the latest formats like 4K, 8K, UHD, HDR, IMF.


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