Applications are evolving to meet the needs of an automated and connected society. The onslaught of data and
the need to move it, store it and process it is quickly overwhelming current infrastructure.

Regain control of your data, streamline workflows and deliver the ultimate performance to reduce time to
discovery and unlock new ways to innovate.

Native Data Management

Enterprise Class Simplicity

Robust and

Performance Efficiency at scale

Instant Data Access with Global Management

Simplicity for Innovation and Discovery

Artificial intelligence(AI)

Emerging AI use cases are driving growth-oriented data management strategies. Where traditional storage architectures fall short, EXA5 is optimized to address the challenges of performance, scale and data mobility with simplicity and reliability. From data collected at the edge, to core repositories and management of multicloud strategies, EXA5 delivers accelerated productivity for the data scientist and AI initiative leaders.

High-performance computing (HPC)

Scientists and engineers are continuously pursuing new ways to solve complex problems faster. HPC workloads like physics modeling, oil and gas discovery and genomics process massive amounts of data accessed by multiple systems simultaneously. EXA5 is the gold standard for HPC workloads: it leverages Lustre’s scalable shared parallel architecture to ensure fastest data delivery to at-scale compute facilities globally, accelerating time-to-results for all.

Making Cloud-Based High Performance Analytics a Reality

Cloud vendors like Google, Amazon and Azure offer compelling opportunities for data science proof of concepts, to handle bursts of workloads beyond on premises resources, and eventually production workloads. Until now, the high cost and low utilization of compute resources and the lack of high quality technical support for capable performant cloud storage has limited AI and analytics workloads that don’t fit standard offerings. EXA for Cloud is the fastest data platform for cloud workloads, which maximizes al your cloud resources. Backed by the technical expertise of DDN support and engineering, DDN offers full flexibility to run workloads in the data center on AWS, Azure and GCP.


A Policy Engine to Drive Data Automation

Stratagem enables fast and efficient data management. Respond quickly to Evolving demand.

Key Features:

Hyper-efficient namespace scanning

Makes active data always available on flash

Auto-tiering to optimized media

API driven for integration with external tools


Artificial intelligence, analytics, high performance computing and other big data applications are changing
the fundamentals of data management.

EXAScaler retains and enhances all of the performance and scalability of Lustre, but adds a feature-set to
facilitate Enterprise IT deployment. Accelerate your production applications securely, robustly, and

Share, Manipulate and Extract More Value from Your Data

Simple CIFS/NFS Access

Big Performance for All File Types

End-to-end data protection

Secure Multitenancy

Audit Facilities

Limitless Scale


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