DDN partners with the world’s leading federal system integrators to accelerate their digital transformation.


The World’s Leading Big Data Supplier

We power data-intensive functions by simplifying the complex and bring intelligence to challenging workflows.

We have been working with federal programs in the US and allied countries for more than 20+ years, supporting some of the most demanding intelligence and healthcare applications.

Our federal sales division, located in Columbia MA, is ready to meet with you to a tackle your most challenging data needs.

DDN Federal Solution Brief
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Gaining Complex Insights from the Newest Data Frontier

AI and deep learning (DI) are transforming how data are used. They create the most demanding workloads in modern computing history by providing design challenges to the compute, storage, and networking infrastructure.

DDN storage solutions power more than two-thirds of the fastest supercomputers, and are widely deployed in top commercial HPC sites across Cloud, Analytics, Manufacturing, Energy, Genomics, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, and more.


Answer your Biggest Questions, Solve Your Biggest Problems

In high-performance government applications like intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), lawful intercept (LI), and large health care, there is a need for platform-independent, web-enabled, data-centric services to deliver uncompromising availability, security, and reliability at a massive scale.

DDN is the recognized leader in “BIG DATA” storage and management, delivering the world’s most scalable and highest performing solutions that enable agencies to capture and convert data into actionable intelligence.

DDN Federal


Storage Data Management at Scale

Unlock the Power of Intelligent Data

DDN has developed the industry’s fastest and most scalable block, file, and object storage to deliver end-to-end data access and management on a single platform.

Intelligence agencies and defense organizations can cost effectively store petabytes to exabytes of satellite imagery, remote sensing data, telecommunications, web traffic, and video surveillance – all while geographically distributed analysts access and exploit that data from anywhere in the world.


Department of Defense

The DoD Supercomputing Resource Center is supported by more than 26 PB of DDN storage, including over 4 PB of high-speed NVMe-based solid-state storage to deliver 8.5 petaFLOPs of peak performance.

Department of Justice

An intelligence-driven and threat focused national security organization with both intelligence and law enforcement responsibilities relies on DDN Intelliflash to quickly and efficiently process data used for critical mission applications.


A government agency specializing in infectious disease informatics leverages DDN storage to share pathogen information across a secure, private national network and archive it for tracking and reanalysis.


Large surveillance programs captures, processes, and reviews full-motion video in a DDN SFA storage repository. Lawful Intercept Program relies on DDN for ingest, analytics and active archive to achieve its multi-year mission.

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