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In high-performance government applications like Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Lawful Intercept (LI), large healthcare initiatives, finance, and cloud, there is an increasing need for platform independent, web-enabled, data-centric services that deliver uncompromising availability, security, and reliability at massive scale.

To deliver on their missions, government organizations with these types of workflows need to:

  • Ingest massive amounts of data reliably
  • Reach better decisions faster by analyzing more data in less time
  • Store data and analysis for longer periods of time
  • Share data with a more diverse local, remote intra- and inter-agency team members for collaboration and dissemination.


DDN storage solutions power more than two-thirds of the world’s fastest supercomputers, and are widely deployed in top commercial HPC sites across Cloud, Analytics, Manufacturing, Energy, Genomics, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, and more.

DDN has been working with federal programs in the US and allied countries for more than 15 years, supporting some of the most demanding intelligence and healthcare applications. The industry’s fastest and most scalable block, file, and object storage work together to deliver end-to-end data access and management on a single platform.

ISR Systems


Battlefield intelligence is mission-critical to any operation. The demonstrable impact of IP surveillance on operations has driven exponential growth in ISR systems images and video from a variety of sources: from satellites, to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), to increasingly higher-definition sensors installed on surveillance aircraft. This rapid growth in unstructured data, and the requirements to analyze it, create enormous challenges.

DDN is the recognized leader in “BIG DATA” storage and management, delivering the world’s most scalable and highest performing solutions that enable agencies to capture and convert data into actionable intelligence.


  • Concurrently handle thousands of FMV surveillance streams, at any resolution
  • Uninterrupted data capture and performance during system correction
  • Support clustered supercomputers with 10,000s-100,000s of CPUs
  • Self-healing and autonomous cloud storage at massive scale

Electronic Intelligence

The ability to collect and analyze various signals and communications has become a critical element in law enforcement’s ability to respond to threats, maintain security levels, and protect the population.

This new generation of communications monitoring and intercept technology provides enormous amounts of raw data, requiring complex analytics algorithms to extract actionable intelligence. To capitalize on this exponential growth in data intelligence, organizations require a high-performance system that specializes in unstructured data, provides unmatched speed and limitless scalability and ensures data integrity.


  • Highest performance in the industry, up to 60 GB/s (single system), means faster, actionable intelligence
  • Start small and scale limitlessly on demand to multi-PB environments
  • Guaranteed Quality of Service ensures full-speed performance even during drive rebuilds and enclosure failures
  • Fibre Channel performance and reliability, but with the simplicity of NAS
  • DirectProtect™ automatically detects and corrects data corruption in flight
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership through high-density, low-power system

Cloud Storage Infrastructure


With WOS®, intelligence agencies and defense organizations can cost effectively store petabytes to exabytes of satellite imagery, remote sensing data, telecommunications, web traffic, and video surveillance – all while geographically distributed analysts access and exploit that data from anywhere in the world.

To further enhance WOS applicability in Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Defense, DDN has teamed with Pixia®, a leading software development company specializing in Geospatial Imagery, Wide Area Surveillance, and Full Motion Video rapid data access that serves the U.S. Defense and Homeland Security Departments, as well as the Intelligence Community. The exponential growth in data collected by space, airborne and ground-based platforms, compounded with the inability to access this data, has led to the catch phrase, “Drowning in data, but starving for knowledge.” Pixia’s technology, built on WOS, promises to play a crucial role in addressing this challenge.


  • Cost effectively store petabytes to exabytes of satellite imagery, remote sensing data, telecommunications, web traffic, and video surveillance
  • Analysts can access and exploit that data from anywhere in the world
  • Easy to manage with high resiliency
  • Breakthrough Cloud Storage Infrastructure Economics

Big Data Analytics

Centralize analytics for huge productivity gains and cost efficiency, and benefit from the fastest recorded run times and massive speed-ups for SAP, Informatica, Vertica, and Hadoop.

Government applications like data capture, fraud detection, and risk management depend on speed and volume. New data sources are constantly added to systems to provide richer context for more accurate and productive results, and traditional storage approaches are failing to keep up because they limit the data processed and analyzed to what can fit within the cache of available servers.

DDN high-performance platforms break these traditional barriers, enabling you to leverage massive parallelism to access vast amounts of data stored outside the system. This solution allows researchers to perform analysis against much larger data sets which, in turn, delivers more effective models, faster. Government financial and regulatory agencies are discovering that DDN’s massive parallelism, real-time architecture, and ability to scale up or out deliver:

  • More test iterations against more data in less time for faster and more accurate risk modeling and analysis, backtesting, and forecasting
  • Direct memory access that enables faster and more accurate SAS analytics
  • Faster, consolidated analytics for mixed IO

Public Safety

The most efficient, scalable video surveillance storage to keep people and property safe

DDN storage platforms deliver both the scalable bandwidth necessary to capture and store hundreds to thousands of HD camera streams, and also the massive capacity to manage multiple petabyte environments with the fewest systems and the least floor space and power requirements. Your security team will be assured that all information is captured without evidence loss, and that they have access to it whenever they need.

With DDN, your real-time video surveillance storage or archived footage will always be reliable and available. Our solutions simplify and consolidate many of the world’s largest IP-based video surveillance storage environments. Whether you’re equipping state or local law enforcement with body-worn cameras, deploying a distributed environment to secure a municipality or transit system, DDN ensures that you never drop a frame.

  • Combine machine learning with surveillance to improve security screening
  • Automated transport infrastructure monitoring and analysis
  • Record and archive video with on-demand expansion on a single platform

Use Cases

  • A Large U.S. ISR Program consolidated all in-theatre ingest on DDN WOS Object storage for fast, effective information delivery to warfighters for high-profile target eliminations, mission planning and review.
  • A Large Surveillance Program is capturing, processing, and reviewing full motion video in a DDN SFA storage repository which is over 10 Petabytes in size.
  • A Lawful Intercept Program relies on DDN SFA for ingest, analytics and active archive to achieve its multi-year mission.

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