Lenovo, a long-standing partner of DDN, has expanded its storage capabilities to support its HPC engagements. As a result, DDN has expanded our collaboration efforts with Lenovo to propose DDN-based Lustre* solutions for Lenovo’s customers.

For example, Lenovo’s Global HPC Benchmark Center and HPC Innovation Center in Stuttgart, Germany, offers a permanent R&D and application benchmarking site for customers. DDN and Lenovo have installed DDN storage, combined with the Lustre file system, which allows them to benchmark the storage and file system side of an HPC solution from DDN, combined with Lenovo’s HPC systems and solutions.

Because of such collaborative efforts, users will benefit from some of the fastest, most reliable systems in the world. This valuable partnership increases optimization and efficiency in numerous mission-critical applications and also produces a variety of other benefits:

  • Reliable, flexible, and secure data center systems
  • Open server, storage, networking, and system management platforms with seamless integration
  • Record-setting systems performance
  • Purpose-driven innovation for greatest return on investment

To find out more about DDN and Lenovo joint solutions, contact us today.


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