Our Reference Architectures provide recommended structures and integrations of IT products and services to form best in class solutions at Enterprise and Supercomputing levels.

Our Reference Architectures embody accepted industry best practices, and suggest the optimal delivery method for specific technologies.

POD Reference Architecture

Intelligent Infrastructure for Enterprise AI:

Validated Reference Architecture for NVIDIA DGX™ POD Systems.

Download the fully validated reference architectures for scalable NVIDIA DGX POD™ configurations.

The solutions integrate DDN AI400X appliances with NVIDIA DGX A100 systems and NVIDIA® Mellanox® InfiniBand network switches.


SuperPOD Reference Architecture

Intelligent Infrastructure for Supercomputing AI:

Validate Reference Architecture for NVIDIA DGX™ SuperPOD systems.

The NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ is a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputing infrastructure.

DDN A³I storage solutions offer a turnkey, AI data storage infrastructure for rapid deployment, featuring faster performance, effortless scale, and simplified operations through deeper integration.


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