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To succeed in today’s AI-driven world a high-performance, data-centric IT approach is an absolute necessity.

Existing IT and data storage systems that Enterprise organizations are running their business operations on are inadequate to handle the very high speed and massive scale requirements of AI and Analytics workflows. DDN helps organizations all around the world build infrastructure for AI Success.

To enable researchers with simple collaboration and the ability to share models with partners, and rapidly build, train and deploy models, data silos must be removed. AI success can be achieved with infrastructure built to support complex, demanding workflows.

DDN and NVIDIA have worked together for many years, preparing Reference Architectures to provide Enterprise organizations with a simple way to get on the path to AI success without the worries of building complex IT systems. There is a new breed of IT infrastructure that is built to handle the demanding data needs of AI applications and accommodate the Enterprise features that come with commodity storage.

DDN Data-Centric Storage Requirements

As a world leader in data-at-scale, DDN helps maximize business value by delivering the highest performance storage solutions for better, faster and more reliable AI data-driven insight.

To better understand the nuances in AI data infrastructure and the different approaches, catch this sessionwith Eric Burgener, VP of Research at IDC, Kurt Kuckein, VP of Marketing at DDN, and The Register’s Tim Phillips.

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