What is Data Migration?

Data migration is the process of moving data from one location to another, one format to another, or one application to another, generally inspired by a technology update like adopting the cloud.

The business driver is usually an application migration or consolidation in which legacy systems are replaced or augmented by new applications that share the same dataset.

What are Common Data Migration Concerns?

Data is gold, and organizations cannot risk jeopardizing their data on a migration process that is not implemented with the correct tools to guarantee the integrity and governance of the data is captured, managed, and retained reliably. In addition, the migration must be executed efficiently to meet market demands.

Organizations still utilizing legacy systems are challenged with a common problem; migrating their data easily, safely, and timely.

What Now?

As data volumes continue to grow exponentially across most markets, using traditional approaches to migrate data at this scale might as well be Mission Impossible.

Rsync, copy tool, and other conventional means fail to address trackability, are left with the burden of extra manual management, and are blind to the progress of data movement. As a result, projects are ultimately led to unachievable deadlines due to long scanning time.

Customers are looking to optimize and transform their business with new technologies.

Here are 3 considerations:

1. Equip your organization with the right tools and make time at the beginning of your project to sort out data complexities, improve data management, and enable application mobility.

2. Secure and streamline your data and implement centralized security, compliance, and reporting for complete visibility of data migration.

3. Deploy a powerful data management tool to ensure information is always available when needed and provide peace of mind.

Digital modernization is here, and you can find out more about what industry leaders are doing to tackle their data migration projects at this webinar- Three Ways to Simplify Data Migration for AI, Analytics and HPC On August 3, 2021.

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DDN DataFlow™ is an all-inclusive software solution that enables you to design, deploy and operate high-performance data workflows at scale. It’s a fast, flexible, and reliable data platform that can seamlessly meet even the most demanding project requirements.

DDN DataFlow safeguards critical information, provides long-term retention of valuable assets in an organized repository, and delivers distributed multi-threaded capabilities for fastest data operations. It also offers powerful file synchronization solutions — even across heterogeneous storage platforms and remote locations.

About DDN

DDN is the world’s largest private data storage company and the leading provider of intelligent technology and infrastructure solutions for Enterprise At Scale, AI and analytics, HPC, government and academia customers. Through its DDN and Tintri divisions the company delivers AI, Data Management software and hardware solutions, and unified analytics frameworks to solve complex business challenges for data-intensive, global organizations.

DDN provides its enterprise customers with the most flexible, efficient and reliable data storage solutions for on-premises and multi-cloud environments at any scale. Over the last two decades, DDN has established itself as the data management provider of choice for over 11,000 enterprises, government, and public-sector customers, including many of the world’s leading financial services firms, life science organizations, manufacturing and energy companies, research facilities, and web and cloud service providers.

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