DDN Wins Third Consecutive “AI Hardware Innovation Award”

As organizations develop increasingly sophisticated AI applications and introduce new data types into their analysis, they seek faster and more scalable storage systems that can transparently provide data services to a wider variety of users and systems. A flexible and agile data storage platform that deploys quickly, is simple to grow, and reliably and intelligently handles massive amounts of dynamic data is essential to successfully optimize workflows for these changing environments.

Facilitating the integration of AI into Enterprise IT infrastructures DDN delivers powerful, easy to deploy, production-ready AI storage. A testament to this commitment, DDN has received its third consecutive “AI Hardware Innovation Award” in the annual AI Breakthrough Awards program conducted by AI Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global AI market today.

DDN AI Breakthrough Award 2022

DDN was recognized for itsA3I® (Accelerated, Any-Scale AI) AI400X2 system, which has been instrumental in bringing unmatched performance and control to AI workflows. The all new AI400X2 appliance further simplifies deployment for the customer trying to remove complexity from AI initiatives. This new system doubles the performance over the previous generation, touts new intelligent capabilities including granular visibility into AI workloads and client GPU-level utilization to simplify configuration management and system monitoring. Building these services on top of an optimized data path, AI400X2 accelerates performance-intensive applications and scalable data science use cases.

For example, NVIDIA selected DDN’s A3I solution for their AI application development on the Selene supercomputer, the world’s seventh fastest computer in total performance. It seamlessly integrates into the fabric of its DGX SuperPOD™ system to comfortably sustain its 1 TB/s performance capabilities. Also deployed in NVIDIA’s Cambridge-1 system, AI400X2 is accelerating health research such as medical imaging, genomics and drug discovery in this AI cloud service environment.

  • DDN Team
  • Date: June 30, 2022

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