Like all enterprise data these days, AI data faces security concerns, especially with AI projects going into production with more regularity. The momentum and promise of these projects might even precede current privacy and security practices and their ability to accommodate AI capabilities. AI projects have the competing requirements of consolidating massive amounts of data, making said data and results shareable with a potentially large set of users, and frequently using sensitive information that must be de-identified. Additionally, the amount of compute and storage required often makes shared infrastructure an attractive way to manage the total cost of AI platforms.

DDN has worked with many customers over the years to balance data access and data security, but the emergence of more threatening cyber activity coinciding with the desire to retain and analyze more data than ever is causing us to look at new ways to maintain and extend secure environments. We are also collaborating with our partners in the data center ecosystem to develop solutions that protect the entire data lifecycle from creation and consolidation to analysis and archive.

This week, NVIDIA announced early access to DOCA 1.2, which will allow DDN to collaborate on the zero-trust software framework for NVIDIA BlueField DPUs. DDN has been working with NVIDIA to optimize data infrastructure security through network isolation and strong protection against unauthorized access. Along with NVIDIA, DDN is helping customers choose a data strategy that supports enterprise-scale AI workloads with a Storage-as-a-Service approach. This solution delivers cost-effective centralized infrastructure that meets the performance and scalability needs of complex AI applications and datasets. We anticipate DOCA 1.2 will go a long way towards helping users meet the security requirements of these workloads with minimum complexity and cost, while offloading storage management software to deal with other high-value activities.

In addition, NVIDIA BlueField DPUs deliver a broad range of advanced networking, storage, and security services for complex workloads like AI. By integrating an array of Arm cores with the NVIDIA ConnectX network adapter and a PCIe switch, NVIDIA offers hardware acceleration engines with full data center infrastructure-on-a-chip programmability. This infrastructure is ideal for next-generation storage designs to meet the scalability needs of digital transformation projects.

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