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With the rise of enterprise AI applications, from Natural Language Processing for chatbots, fraud detection and risk management to object detection and segmentation in manufacturing and medical settings, the attention being paid to high performance infrastructure continues to grow.

One of the most significant areas of focus is how to manage and then exploit the enormous amounts of data that most organizations have already gathered, which is constantly being increased with new data sources at even more granular levels. Join DDN at ISC High Performance 2022 in Hamburg, Germany, to learn how you can efficiently manage and mobilize your data to move AI applications quickly from test into production and then grow over time with simple and predictable scaling.

What most organizations are finding out is that existing IT infrastructure is insufficient to handle these new workloads. Significant amounts of time and money are wasted trying to make current IT systems work for AI applications. Because AI is a business enabler, and the volume and type of data required to support that enablement is completely different to what we’ve seen before, AI requires different tools to succeed.

Take a few minutes to schedule a meeting with our AI data experts or come by our booth (#C313) to see how our modern approach to data acceleration removes the roadblocks to high volume AI applications.

Find out why DDN is the most successful vendor at delivering successful productive outcomes for companies operating AI at-scale at our User Group, being held Monday, May 30 at 2PM CET.

By working continuously with a broad set of AI computing suppliers, DDN ensures that the entire end-to-end system is optimized to unprecedented performance and fast track your AI innovation. With reference architectures and strong engineering collaboration DDN and its partners have set the bar for scalable AI infrastructure. Visit their booths to find out more.

Please connect with us during any of our activities, or at our virtual booth.





Monday, May 30th

2 – 5pm

DDN User Group

CCH, Hall A Room 4

Monday, May 30th

1 – 2pm

Andreas Dilger presenting in BoF
Title: The IO-500 & Virtual Institute of I/O

CCH, Hall D

Monday, May 30th

4 – 4:30pm

James Coomer presenting in the HPC Solutions Forum
Title: A Data Centric View to Building AI and HPC Platforms

CCH, Hall H booth J901

Tuesday, May 31st


Peter Jones & Andreas Dilger presenting in BoF
Title: LUSTRE in HPC, AI and Big Data: Widening Scope, New Features and Roadmap

CCH, Hall E

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