CHATSWORTH, Calif. – April 06, 2021 –  With artificial intelligence (AI) applications, organizations face the toughest workloads in modern computing history, tasking IT systems and AI architects with some of the greatest challenges in their career yet. Compute, storage, and network resources must be an accelerant for AI workloads rather than a constraint or risk. Working with a trusted advisor can go a long way towards ensuring the success of AI projects.

Recently named DDN Channel Partner of the Year in 2020, a market-leading $13.4 billion technology solutions provider, World Wide Technology services customers with the entire spectrum of considerations involved in AI and HPC workloads, including application workload assessment, network requirements, and capacity, IO and throughput needs. With WWT’s extensive experience in assessing countless data center environments, they’ve earned the trust of customers to provide the best, optimized, most comprehensive solutions for specific workload needs and requirements across the board.

The data center has evolved beyond imagination over the last decade and change is only accelerating. Optimizing solutions for AI and HPC ecosystems is no simple task and expertise in doing so has come to WWT through the resolution of countless challenges in customers’ demanding workflows with the considerations of data ingestion, data curation, training, inference, validation and simulation. While taking the vast complexities of an environment into consideration can be daunting, organizations don’t have to face the challenge of optimizing a solution alone. WWT’s consultation practice takes the guesswork out of infrastructure changes by providing end to end services for customers looking at ways to increase ROI and get faster times to insight – from assessment to deployment WWT provides customers with everything they need to make those important decisions.

Turnkey infrastructure solutions built by DDN and NVIDIA allow WWT to consistently deliver customers with maximum performance for AI resources in use cases including AI inference and training for autonomous vehicles, machine and deep learning, and advanced computations and modeling for Monte Carlo Simulations, genomic sequencing, and algorithmic trading.

Engineered for intelligent infrastructure optimization, DDN’s A³I  solutions accelerate AI applications and streamline DL workflows using the DDN shared parallel architecture. With DDN, flash performance layers can scale-up or scale-out independently from capacity layers, all within a single integrated solution and namespace. These solutions provide unmatched flexibility for organizations AI infrastructure needs to maximum business. DDN A3I solutions with NVIDIA DGX A100 systems give WWT the ability to provide customers with a proven, validated reference architecture suited for supporting and enabling AI workloads at-scale.

The A³I with DGX solution provides the fastest optimized access to the latest NVME, SAS SSD and HDD technologies in one transparent tiered environment. These aggregated media types readily store all types of data and serves the needs of workloads running on NVIDIA DGX A100, OEM GPU and CPU heterogeneous clusters simultaneously, whilst also allowing access through NFS, SMB & S3 protocols.

The technical alignment and business synergy of DDN, WWT and NVIDIA allows organizations to access the world’s fastest AI and HPC storage solutions that fully maximize NVIDIA DGX capabilities, ensuring an optimized environment suited for today’s systems architect.

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