I had the opportunity to talk with George Crump, lead analyst at Storage Switzerland, to discuss the ways in which AI workloads uniquely stress storage infrastructures and how DDN’s EXAScaler solutions address organization’s needs for easier access to external data sources with maximum performance.

Many DDN customers with HPC and scalable AI workloads are already using parallel file systems in production to ensure that all the computing nodes in a cluster can directly access the data needed without the risk of being bottlenecked by control nodes. Designed for today’s most demanding AI and HPC end-to-end requirements, EXA5 provides deeper, more powerful integrations into AI ecosystems through simpler implementation and scaling models, easier visibility into workflows and powerful global data management features.

To check out the video and learn more about DDN’s EXA5 solutions, visit: https://storageswiss.com/2020/01/14/maximizing-ai-performance-with-dedicated-infrastructure/

  • Sven Oehme
  • Sven Oehme
  • Chief Research Officer Data at Scale
  • Date: January 30, 2020

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