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NVIDIA GTC is back in San Jose on 18-21 March in San Jose Convention Center, live and in-person, after some of the most explosive years of growth in AI and accelerated computing!

Are you attending NVIDIA GTC? Schedule a meeting with our experts to hear first-hand about our latest innovations, or visit our technology showcase on booth #816 in the main hall show floor, and booth #1521 in the AI Center of Excellence Pavilion.

The pace of innovation at the intersection of Generative AI, digital twins and accelerated computing has been truly breath-taking: I remember talking to a small media company two years ago about how they wanted to launch their own AI-based chatbot, customised with their own knowledgebase, and they wanted me to help them estimate how long it would take to develop. I remember saying the quickest way to build it was to “just wait” – and last quarter, they launched an integrated service to automate social media posts for SMEs. What would have been a seven-figure investment two years ago, is now just a few cents per query via hosted LLM services.

AI innovation continues to accelerate, and next month business leaders from around the world will gather in San Jose for NVIDIA GTC, the showcase of AI showcases, highlighting the pinnacle of innovative technology available today. Visionaries from across the industry will be sharing the key trends they see driving the industry, and providing a glimpse of the future that seems closer than ever. And being in-person, the technology for generative AI and hyper-realistic visualization is going to be completely (and literally) immersive.

DDN is a Diamond sponsor for NVIDIA GTC – and whether you are attending in-person, or streaming remotely, look out for announcements from DDN and our partners about the latest in accelerated data solutions for enterprises of all sizes – here’s my pick of this year’s sessions, make sure you add them to your GTC schedule:

Exclusive DDN AI Data Summit @ NVIDIA GTC [DDN SE62892]

Tuesday, March 19 at 8:30-11:00am, Hilton Hotel, San Pedro Room

Join DDN with NVIDIA, Lambda Labs and Scaleway to talk about how we are bringing Accelerated Computing to global enterprises, and how the NVIDIA NCP program helps extend access to the latest GPU-enabled technologies in a more agile, on-demand model. As part of that discussion, we will explore how to deploy and scale GPU infrastructures faster, more efficient and cost effective. We will discuss case studies, reference architectures, global partnerships and sustainability of cloud-enabled accelerated computing.

James Coomer

James Coomer

Senior Vice President of Products


Yann-Guirec Manac’h

Head of Hardware Research​


Jensen Huang’s GTC Keynote [S62542]

Monday, March 18 at 1:00-3:00pm

Fresh from NVIDIA’s record financial results, Jensen Huang’s annual keynote is a regular GTC favorite. and this year will be no exception. Tune in to hear how NVIDIA’s lead in accelerated computing is going to accelerate through 2024 and into 2025.

Lambda Labs – Grace Hopper GH200 Superchip Cluster [S62996]

Wednesday, March 20 at 9:00-9:25am

One of the stand-out announcements last year was the Grace Hopper GH200 superchip, with its unique scalable integrated CPU and GPU, with a unified shared memory architecture. Join David Hall, VP NVIDIA Solutions, to hear how our partner Lambda Labs is deployed one of the first product clusters of this amazing superchip, and discover how the extended GPU memory allows for larger and more dynamic models to be deployed.

Scaleway and PNY – Europe’s largest AI Cluster [S63006]

Tuesday, March 19 at 3:00-3:25pm

DDN and our partner PNY were honored to have been present with Scaleway at the launch of Nabu 2023, the most powerful cloud-native AI supercomputer in Europe, powered by NVIDIA and DDN! In this session, you can hear first-hand from Yann-Gueric Manac’h, Head of Hardware Research and Development at Scaleway, on the journey they took on the design, implementation and launch of this ground-breaking system.

And finally… Meet with DDN at NVIDIA GTC!

This year, we have TWO DDN booths: booth #816 in the main hall show floor, and booth #1521 in the AI Center of Excellence Pavilion, where you can meet with our technical experts to hear about how to deploy and manage the latest in Accelerated computing at greater scale and higher efficiency than ever before.

Register now from our dedicated GTC event page and receive discounted pricing.

And when you have registered, you can also join us at the DDN AI Data Summit at NVIDIA GTC: Faster and Safer GPU ROI Acceleration in Data Centers and in The Cloud: DDN and NVIDIA on Tuesday morning, March 19 at 08:30am.

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