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It’s interesting how AI supercomputing and data infrastructure are changing the way researchers realize faster discoveries and companies are uncovering new revenue opportunities. Technology moves fast and now organizations can move fast to keep up.

According to IDC, more than 58% of organizations have realized that their unstructured data workloads require a parallel scale-out file system to achieve their performance requirements. That’s because established enterprise organizations are uncovering new ways to optimize their business with AI and serve new customer demand in untapped streams. These companies are quickly learning that their existing IT infrastructure is no longer cutting it and intelligent infrastructure is needed to optimize workflows and produce more knowledge, faster. Knowledge = information and information = revenue.

Watch this video to learn about how DDN customers are applying AI storage solutions with NVIDIA DGX systems to maximize their business opportunity. Giving organizations an infrastructure that streamlines the data pipeline and maximizes utilization of the entire system to overcome data movement challenges that slow down AI and deep learning applications.

Gain a better understanding of how and why various industries are deploying supercomputing infrastructure to address their AI needs and how they might take advantage in their own business.

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