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Scale to New Heights of Competitiveness

Organizations need AI to innovate but are struggling with how to scale successfully. A major barrier to progress is infrastructure requirements – until now.

Get the only Reference Architecture for NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, the future proof infrastructure that scales.

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Intelligent Infrastructure for Enterprise AI

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Maximizing AI Success with DDN Accelerated Data

Session link: Here

Presenter: James Coomer

Schedule: April 12, 11AM Pacific

Abstract: Data Centric architectures are a vital part of successful AI strategy. Large Data volumes must be securely accessible at high speed so that Data Scientists can experiment and prove out new approaches quickly and move new models rapidly to production.


Securing AI and ML Projects, A Next Generation Approach

Session link: Here

Presenter: Sven Oehme

Schedule: On Demand

Abstract: The urgency with which organizations are looking to roll out transformational AI projects brings with it a new level of security concerns.


Accelerating AI Use Cases Across Industries with DDN A3I and NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD

Session link: Here

Presenter: Kurt Kuckein

Schedule: On Demand

Abstract: Kurt Kuckein, VP of marketing at DDN, will discuss how DDN’s high performance and scalable parallel filesystem solution uniquely unlocks the full capabilities of NVIDIA’s DGX SuperPOD when putting AI into action.


Optimizing AI Data Management: Strategies for Unlocking AI at Scale

Session link: Here

Presenter: William Beaudin

Schedule: On Demand

Abstract: Data at-scale is the key to successful AI. Organizations can’t progress on their journey to AI and innovation without solving the fundamentals of data management.


Accelerating AI at-scale with Selene DGX A100 SuperPOD and Parallel Filesystem Storage

Session link: Here

Presenter: P. Kashinkunti (NVIDIA) W. Beaudin (DDN)

Schedule: Simulive  Wednesday, April 14 at 1pm PT

Abstract: Learn about the behavior of data-intensive workloads on the Selene DGXA100 SuperPOD deployment and DDN’s A3I storage. We’ll showcase the impact of using a parallel filesystem to optimize the data path and maximize GPU utilization for high-performance AI workloads.

Find out how NVIDIA’s AI Supercomputer, backed by DDN’s A3I, is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible today and exploring new frontiers for the future.


AI Integration Made Easy with NVIDIA DGX™ Systems

A³I artificial intelligence storage solutions are packaged for easy deployment and management. Our full range of solution guides detail technical information, including scalable reference architectures.

These are designed and validated by DDN in close collaboration with NVIDIA for all DGX Systems, including SuperPOD and the newest NVIDIA DGX™ A100.

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