Life Sciences Field Day

Organizations with a vision for the future realize that data is at the heart of their research initiatives and development projects. The most cutting-edge approaches often create the biggest data challenges, from data capture and analysis, to management and security. High data-rate instruments, such as genome sequencers, cryo electon microscopes and medical imaging devices are greatly increasing the data load. Machine learning is being applied to many aspects of precision medicine, such as mining phenotypic and genotypic patient data for better targets therapies or for faster and more accurate medical image analysis. These approaches not only require faster analysis, but are also becoming much more complex.

The Life Sciences Field Day features presenters from top life sciences organizations, covering today’s most pressing data management challenges. Watch videos from the 2018 event and discover how organizations are addressing the biggest data challenges created by high data-rate instruments, machine learning initiatives and other demanding workflows.

Life Sciences Field Day Event

September 27, 2018
Hosted by Rockefeller University

2018 Workshop Presentations

2018 Life Sciences Field Day Opening Remarks

George Vacek, Global Director, Life Sciences of DDN welcomes the attendees and shares remarks at the 2018 Life Sciences Field day

Data Access Patterns in Research; Useful Indicator for All Aspects Of Business

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Joel Zysman, Director of Advanced Computing, University of Miami

Overviews of CryoEM and Research Computing Facilities at Rockefeller University

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Mark Ebrahim, Senior Staff Scientist– Cryo Electron Microscopy Resource Center, Rockefeller University

Machine Learning for High-Content Screening

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Kristina Kermanshahche, Founder & CEO, Perspicace.AI

Panel Discussion: High Data-Rate Instruments

2018 Life Sciences Field Day: Jeffrey Lengyel, Principal Scientist EM Life Sciences, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Stephan Nickell, Product Manager, Business Development mSEM, Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH; Anahita Pakzad, Senior Applications Scientist, Gatan; Sergei Sorkin, Director of Marketing, Intelligent Imaging Innovations (3i)

Moving to a Real-Time Image Processing Workflow for 3D Fluorescence Microscopy

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Marc Bruce, CEO & Founder, Microvolution

Supercomputing in-a-box for Healthcare

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Mehrzad Samadi, CEO, Parabricks

Ceph: the open source distributed storage platform

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Andras Pataki, Senior Data Scientist, Scientific Computing Core, Flatiron Institute

Accelerating Neuroscience Research at Harvard University with Advanced Research Computing Solutions

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Mahmood Mohammadi Shad, Scientific Software Engineer, FAS Research Computing & Center for Brain Science, Harvard University

Efficient GPU Computing, Deep Learning, and other Emerging Challenges

2018 LSFD birds of a feather discussion

Pushing the Limits of Fluorescence Microscopy with Adaptive Imaging and Deep Learning

2018 Life Sciences Field Day presentation: Loïc Royer, Group Leader, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub