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      A3I Solutions Data Sheet
      Providing unmatched storage performance and flexibility for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.
      Brochures and Datasheets
      DDN Company Overview
      Brochures and Datasheets
      DDN DataFlow Data Sheet
      Brochures and Datasheets
      DDN Global Services Support Brochure
      Brochures and Datasheets, DDN Support, Support
      DDN Insight Datasheet
      Brochures and Datasheets, DDN Insight, Product Pages
      EXA5 Product Family
      Brochures and Datasheets
      GRIDScaler Product Family Datasheet
      Brochures and Datasheets, GRIDScaler, Product Pages
      HPE and DDN Storage Product Brochure
      Brochures and Datasheets
      IME Datasheet
      Brochures and Datasheets, IME Docs, Product Pages
      SFA NVMe Platforms Data Sheet
      The SFA NVMe platforms deliver 100% NVMe storage with multiple high-speed connectivity options.
      Brochures and Datasheets
      SFA14KX Datasheet
      Brochures and Datasheets, Product Pages, SFA14KX
      Brochures and Datasheets
      SFA18KX Datasheet
      Brochures and Datasheets, Product Pages, SFA18KX
      SFA200NV and SFA400NV
      Brochures and Datasheets
      Brochures and Datasheets
      SFA7990X Data Sheet
      Scale-Up, Scale-Out Hybrid Flash Storage Appliance
      Brochures and Datasheets
      WOS Enterprise Protect Product Brochure
      Complete, Simple & Secure Backup, File Sync & Share Solutions for Organizations with Mobile, Private...
      Brochures and Datasheets
      WOS Object Storage Datasheet
      Brochures and Datasheets, Product Pages, WOS

      Solution Briefs

      A³I Solutions Guide
      Solution Brief
      Accelerate Media Workflows End To End – Solution Brief
      Media Companies, Solution Brief
      Accelerating Academia Solution Brief
      Academic Research, Solution Brief
      Accelerating Kx kdb+ with DDN SFA & Intel Lustre
      Financial Services, KX Solutions, Solution Brief
      Accelerating US Federal Workflows Solution Brief
      DDN Federal, Solution Brief, White Paper
      Any Surveillance, Anywhere, Anytime
      Solution Brief, Video Surveillance, White Paper
      BioPharma Research Solution Brief
      BIOScaler, Life Sciences, Product Pages, Solution Brief
      DDN DGX-1 Reference Architecture
      Solution Brief
      DDN DGX-2 Reference Architecture
      Solution Brief
      Electronic Design Automation Solution Brief
      Manufacturing, Solution Brief
      Financial Services Solution Brief
      Big Data Analytics, Financial Services, Solution Brief
      Life Sciences Solution Brief
      BIOScaler, Life Sciences, Product Pages, Solution Brief
      Machine Learning Solution Brief
      Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Solution Brief
      Making AI-Powered Innovation Easier: DDN A³I Solutions
      Solution Brief
      Manufacturing Solution Brief
      Manufacturing, Solution Brief
      Microscopy Solution Brief
      Solution Brief
      NVIDIA DGX Solution Brief
      Solution Brief
      Reducing Time to Oil Solution Brief
      Oil and Gas Companies, Solution Brief
      Video Surveillance Solution Brief
      Solution Brief, Video Surveillance
      Web, Cloud and xSP Solution Brief
      Cloud and Web Companies, Solution Brief

      White Papers

      A Beginner’s Guide to Next Generation Object Storage
      Object Storage is the new storage paradigm. There is a high level of interest from...
      White Paper
      Accelerating Collaboration in Life Science with DDN Storage
      White Paper
      Accelerating Genomics Analysis and Genome Sequencing by 100X
      White Paper
      Accelerating US Federal Workflows Solution Brief
      DDN Federal, Solution Brief, White Paper
      Achieving the Ultimate Efficiency for Seismic Data Analysis with Paradigm and DDN
      White Paper
      Any Surveillance, Anywhere, Anytime
      Solution Brief, Video Surveillance, White Paper
      Any Threat, Anywhere, Anytime (Federal)
      White Paper
      Automating Storage Tiers Can Drive Faster, Deeper Analytical Insight
      In this business impact brief, 451 research explores the importance of the storage layer and why it is expected to play a crucial part in the modern IT environment with the increased focus on analytics and the adoption of AI/ML workloads.
      Machine Learning, White Paper
      Business Innovation White Paper
      AI: A Business and Innovation Accelerator Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming an essential business...
      White Paper
      DDN IME: Overcoming Flash Performance Barriers At-Scale
      IME, White Paper
      DDN, Intel Collaboration Ramps Up Next Generation Sequencing
      White Paper
      Dramatically Improving Time To Results For Seismic Processing With DDN Storage And Landmark Seispace
      White Paper
      IME Whitepaper: Scale-Out Storage Cache for the Flash Era
      IME, White Paper
      Intersect360 Research: Data and Discovery
      White Paper
      Machine Learning/AI White Paper
      Is Your Data Architecture AI-Ready? The analytics and AI disruption across data-oriented industries presents a...
      Machine Learning, White Paper
      Nine Critical Features for Object Stores
      White Paper, WOS
      Real-Time Deskew and Deconvolution for Improved Resolution of Microscopy Images
      Lattice LightSheet™ microscopes and other high data rate instruments are revolutionizing biological research in areas...
      White Paper
      SQream DB on DDN A3I Reference Architecture
      Organizations worldwide are facing the challenge of how to effectively analyze exponentially growing data stores....
      White Paper
      The End Of Scale-Out NAS?
      White Paper
      Thinking Ahead with AI? You’d Better Get Smart about Data Storage.
      In this Business Impact Brief, 451 Research examines the impact of artificial intelligence and deep learning have on IT infrastructure and why implementing the right storage is a critical step in machine learning projects.
      Machine Learning, White Paper
      WOS Enterprise Protect Whitepaper
      White Paper
      WOS Object Storage Whitepaper
      White Paper

      Success Stories

      Accelerating Financial Services Success Story
      Financial Services, Success Stories
      Children’s Mercy Kansas City – Success Story
      Children's Mercy, Customers, Success Stories
      Czech Television – Success Story
      Customers, Czech Television, Success Stories
      Financial Services Success Stories
      Financial Services, Success Stories
      Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) – Success Story
      Customers, Institute of Cancer Research London, Success Stories
      Kollins Communications – Success Story
      Customers, Kollins Communcations, Success Stories
      MLB – Success Story
      Customers, MLB, Success Stories
      Pawsey Supercomputing Center – Success Story
      Customers, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, Success Stories
      Public Health England – Success Story
      Customers, Public Health England, Success Stories
      Sanger Institute – Success Story
      Customers, Sanger Institute, Success Stories
      ToMMo Success Story
      Success Stories
      Toyota Technical Development Corporation Success Story
      Customers, Success Stories, Toyota Technical Development Corporation
      University of Miami – Success Story
      Customers, Success Stories, University of Miami
      University of Queensland – Success Story
      Customers, Success Stories, University of Queensland Australia
      Van Andel Research Institute – Success Story
      Customers, Success Stories, Van Andel Research Institute

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