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Brochures and Datasheets

A3I Solutions Data Sheet
DDN’s A3I (Accelerated, Any-Scale AI) solutions break new ground for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep...
Brochures and Datasheets
DDN Company Overview
DDN Company Overview. The #1 Data at Scale Company. Your trusted supplier of storage and data management for AI, Big Data, Multicloud and HPC
Brochures and Datasheets
DDN Data Services
DDN’s EXAScaler provides high performance data access to most of the world's top AI systems and supercomputers.
Brochures and Datasheets
DDN DataFlow Data Sheet
With DDN DataFlow solutions, organizations can protect, manage, archive, and recover digital information simply and effectively, across any infrastructure, on any platform, over any period of time.
Brochures and Datasheets
DDN EXAScaler Cloud DataSheet
The World’s Most Advanced Parallel Filesystem for the Cloud. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics and High-Performance...
Brochures and Datasheets
DDN EXAScaler Product Family: EXA6 Data Sheet
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics and High-Performance Computing (HPC)
Brochures and Datasheets, EXAScaler, EXAScaler
DDN Global Services Support Brochure
When you partner with DDN, you’ll align with subject matter experts in at-scale and data-intensive...
Brochures and Datasheets, DDN Support, Support
DDN Insight Datasheet
Organizations are facing an exponential increase in complexity and cost managing storage resources within the entire Big Data infrastructure. Today’s storage networks are made up of local block-based arrays, file systems, business analytics repositories, and distributed object stores, each with their own unique management requirements. In order to cope with this explosion in complexity, data managers need the features and efficiency derived from a single application that monitors all types of storage resources.
Brochures and Datasheets, DDN Insight, Product Pages
EXAScaler Cloud Quick Start Guide for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
DDN performance, on demand. That’s what you get with DDN’s EXAScaler Cloud on GCP. Cloud...
Brochures and Datasheets
The NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ with NVIDIA DGX™ A100 systems is a next generation state-of-the-art artificial...
Brochures and Datasheets
At up to 3.2 million IOPs and 90GB/sec from a single 4U appliance, the SFA18K®...
Brochures and Datasheets
DDN Storage Fusion Architecture® (SFA®) appliances are purpose-built to deliver scalable flash performance and capacity...
Brochures and Datasheets
SFA7990X Data Sheet
SFA7990X™ Data Sheet: DDN Storage Fusion Architecture® appliances are purpose-built to deliver scalable performance and...
Brochures and Datasheets
Why DDN Federal is Uniquely Qualified to Deliver Federal Solutions
DDN Federal: Why Partner with DDN Solution Brief
Brochures and Datasheets, DDN Federal, Solution Brief


DDN Academic Research Solution Brief
Facilitating the Research Lifecycle. DDN Academic Research Solution Brief.
Solution Brief
DDN AI and Machine Learning Solution Brief
In an AI world, data is your most valuable asset so make sure your infrastructure...
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Solution Brief
DDN Cloud AI Project Solution Brief
Solution Brief
DDN Microscopy Solution Brief
High performance compute and storage solutions for high-end microscopy.
Solution Brief
DDN STAC Solution Brief
DDN STAC Solution Brief. Intelligently Accelerate At-Scale Financial Analytics. Efficiency that Scales Seamlessly
Solution Brief
Faster Discovery and Better Decisions – Oil and Gas Solution Brief
Solution Brief
Financial Services Solution Brief
DDN Financial Services Solution Brief. Delivering Big Rewards in Backtesting, Risk Management, Pricing, and Fraud Detection.
Big Data Analytics, Financial Services, Solution Brief
Life Sciences Solution Brief
Life Sciences, Solution Brief
Manufacturing Solution Brief
Manufacturing, Solution Brief
Microscopy Solution Brief
Solution Brief
NVIDIA DGX Solution Brief
Solution Brief
Stable and Scalable Infrastructures for Autonomous Vehicles – Solution Brief
Solution Brief
The Right Solution for a New Era in Retailing – Solution Brief
Solution Brief
Video Surveillance Solution Brief
Solution Brief, Video Surveillance
Web, Cloud and xSP Solution Brief
Cloud and Web Companies, Solution Brief


Recursion Pharmaceuticals
Success Stories
ToMMo Success Story
Success Stories


Artificial Intelligence Success Guide
DDN Data Solutions: Artificial Intelligence Success Guide. Solving 5 of the most common AI infrastructure challenges.
White Paper
Automating Storage Tiers Can Drive Faster, Deeper Analytical Insight
In this business impact brief, 451 research explores the importance of the storage layer and why it is expected to play a crucial part in the modern IT environment with the increased focus on analytics and the adoption of AI/ML workloads.
Machine Learning, White Paper
DDN DGX A100 Solution Brief
DDN DGX A100 Solution Brief
Data Sheet, White Paper
DDN IntelliFlash Product Specifications
Data Sheet, IntelliFlash, White Paper
DDN IntelliFlash Tech Brief Features
DDN IntelliFlash Tech Brief Features The Tintri IntelliFlash Intelligent Infrastructure is a fifth-generation storage solution...
Data Sheet, IntelliFlash, White Paper
DDN IntelliFlash™ H-Series Data Sheet
The IntelliFlash H-Series intelligent infrastructure is a fourth-generation storage solution that delivers an exceptional user experience through automation, analytic insights, and a variety of time-saving management features to drive your most valuable workloads in today’s data centers.
Data Sheet, IntelliFlash, White Paper
DDN IntelliFlash™ Product Brochure
White Paper
ESG – Accelerate AI Initiatives with DDN and NVIDIA at Any Scale
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, White Paper
Five Reasons to Deploy IntelliFlash™ H-Series
Top Five Reasons To Deploy IntelliFlash™ H-Series The IntelliFlash H-Series hybrid flash systems combine the...
IntelliFlash, White Paper
Five Reasons To Deploy IntelliFlash™ N-Series
Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe™) is now a well-established technology that empowers enterprise applications with native flash performance by eliminating legacy interface bottlenecks.
IntelliFlash, White Paper
IntelliFlash™ Brief: Operating Environment
IntelliFlash Brief: Operating Environment Modern data centers need to maximize the value of their storage...
White Paper
IntelliFlash™ N-Series Storage Systems
Most flash-based solutions force you to compromise on performance, cost or enterprise capabilities. The IntelliFlash N-Series is a fifth-generation intelligent storage infrastructure solution that doesn’t require you to compromise. It delivers an exceptional user experience and outstanding cost-efficiency through automation, analytic insights, and a variety of time-saving management features to drive and optimize your most valuable workloads.
Data Sheet, IntelliFlash, White Paper
SFA400NVX2 and SFA200NVX2 Data Sheet
DDN Storage Fusion Architecture® (SFA®) appliances are purpose-built to deliver scalable flash performance and capacity...
Data Sheet, SFA Platforms, SFA200NV Platform, SFA400NV Platform, White Paper
Thinking Ahead with AI? You’d Better Get Smart about Data Storage.
In this Business Impact Brief, 451 Research examines the impact of artificial intelligence and deep learning have on IT infrastructure and why implementing the right storage is a critical step in machine learning projects.
Machine Learning, White Paper

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