IntelliFlash Brief: Operating Environment

Modern data centers need to maximize the value of their storage investment by putting their data to work. The IntelliFlash Operating Environment (OE) is built to do just that – easy, efficient, and intelligent infrastructure enabling businesses to achieve:

INTELLIGENCE that automates storage media and maximizes the uptime and efficiency of all your IntelliFlash storage systems with intelligent analytics, PERFORMANCE that delivers fast storage performance, across all workloads and capacity achieving higher efficiencies at low costs, and AGILITY that enables developers and data scientists to innovate faster and seamlessly across private and public cloud infrastructures.

Whether you’re looking to accelerate databases, virtualized servers and desktops, or the foundation of a flash multi-cloud environment, the IntelliFlash Brief: Operating Environment can enable you to turbo-charge your business success through a simple, intelligent infrastructure.


The IntelliFlash OE provides all the storage services – block, file or virtual machine to consolidate all applications, such as high-performance databases, critical business applications, fast-edge analytics, large-scale virtualized servers, databases, file services, and web-scale applications.

IntelliFlash Brief: Operating Environment  delivers enterprise-class data services for all workloads, increasing productivity with real-time data reduction, proven 99.999%availability, non-disruptive upgrades, built-in data protection, multimedia flash management, and intelligent analytics.

The IntelliFlash OE is flash-optimized and seamlessly integrates multiple classes of storage media to deliver optimal performance (high performance at low latency) and the best economics for a wide range of enterprise applications.

With the IntelliFlash OE you’ll experience a unified storage platform with a choice of media including NVMe™ flash, performance flash, dense flash, hard disk drives, or a mixture thereof. You can select the optimal combination of flash and hybrid storage to meet the specific performance and economic needs of your business applications – using a single system.

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