Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance


Volume. Velocity. Variety. When it comes to surveillance data, all three are growing exponentially. The volume of data in a single surveillance project – stationary or body worn – is moving from terabytes to petabytes, stressing VMS and storage scaling. Data velocity is increasing from megabytes to gigabytes, with millions of IOs consuming more and more resources. Mixed IO performance is increasingly critical, and many traditional systems do not support variety well. For example, they are not designed to manage both large and small files, nor do they handle both structured and unstructured data


Considering this unpredictable and explosive growth of video surveillance data, selecting the right storage platform is critical to your success. DDN storage platforms deliver both the scalable bandwidth necessary to capture and store hundreds to thousands of HD camera streams, and also the massive capacity to manage multiple petabyte environments with the fewest systems and the least floor space and power requirements.

With DDN, your real-time video surveillance storage or archived footage will always be reliable and available. Our solutions simplify and consolidate many of the world’s largest IP-based video surveillance storage environments. Whether you’re equipping a fleet or mobile force, centralizing a campus solution, or deploying a distributed environment to secure a municipality or transit system, DDN ensures that you never drop a frame.

Use Cases

  • Reliable ingest regardless of scale—ingest from hundreds to thousands of sensor and surveillance devices
  • Select any VMS—DDN is implemented around the world with top VMS providers
  • Parallel file system-Ethernet connect and securely capture (10 / 40 / 100 GbE; FDR / EDR Infiniband)
  • Add disk capacity/speed as you add cameras and increase resolution (HDD, SSD)
  • Seamlessly scale to object-based private or hybrid cloud—DR, archive, collaboration (S3, Swift)

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