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The End of Hardware-Centric Storage Design

DDN Infinia is Easy to Deploy, Manage and Scale from Edge to Data Center to any Cloud

A Modern Multi-Tenant Data Store for S3 Object and Posix File System Deployments. DDN Infinia is a Next Generation Data Services Platform that has been designed for multi-cloud, introducing a set of core features that allows for more fluid control of data across public and private cloud and across organizational boundaries.

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DDN Infinia Dynamic Object Storage

A Faster, More Cost-effective Alternative to Cloud Storage

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Pay as you Go

Only pay for the capacity that you use with flexible consumption-based pricing

Native Multi-Tenancy

Secure Data isolation and a shared infrastructure with 100% efficiency.

Simplicity and Agility

Get running fast and modernize rapidly with business demand.

Dynamic Storage Engine

Dynamic Storage Engine delivers higher performance to all workloads


DDN Infinia

A Faster, More Cost-effective Alternative to Cloud Storage

Software-Defined Unified Storage

End-to-End control of your data from edge to core and core to cloud, while maximizing the capabilities of the underlying infrastructure, including storage, network and compute

No Compromise Multi-tenancy and QoS

Purpose-built from the ground up with comprehensive native multi-tenancy. Secure isolation for user data, while preserving quality of service for data-intensive applications.

Workload Optimized Performance

Automatic workload management, with support for multiple I/O Engines. No need for specialized hardware such as memory-class storage, nor to perform any specific application tuning.

Service Delivery with AIOps

Simplicity with efficiency and automation, without adding cost and complexity. A central, agile management control plane makes it easy to oversee micro data centers, edge deployments and multi-cloud hybrid strategies.

Unique Software-Defined Architecture


Build a secure storage cluster in minutes, perform upgrades or expand capacity without downtime. 10-minute operation. DDN Infinia brings a new level of simplicity to data management at scale.


Multiple I/O Engines to optimize the movement and placement of data, catering for both low latency needs and high throughput requirements simultaneously, without having to use special hardware (such as Optane) or doing any specific tuning.


Deploy on fast appliances, or in containers, virtual machines - whether in the cloud, in a data center. DDN Infinia is 100% software defined, with no dependencies on underlying hardware, yet able to take advantage of performance-optimized hardware if available.

Infinia Resources

Infinia gives fluid control of data from edge to core and core to cloud, while maximizing the capabilities of the underlying infrastructure
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Infinia represents a new paradigm for addressing your biggest enterprise data management challenges - without compromising performance or scalability
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Infinia includes built-in native multi-tenancy that delivers a much more efficient solution than hardware-based tenant isolation
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Object Storage
Infinia is a multi-protocol solution designed to address key challenges associated with unstructured data
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Operational Simplicity
DDN Infinia eliminates management silos, enabling you to easily view and optimize your global data assets
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